Rumor Claims Joker 2 Will Be Bloodier and More Gruesome, Lady Gaga Not Playing Harley Quinn

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Source: Joker (2019), Warner Bros.

Inside information is coming forth about Joker: Folie A Deux that claims the sequel will be unlike anything seen before, and not in a good way.

Source: Joker via Flashback FM YouTube

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The info comes from an insider who reached out to the World of Reel siteand who has a good track record according to the site, but their claims have to be considered rumors for now.

“Some details about Joker 2,” says the source, “so the script has been floating around for the last few weeks among industry people and some of the people around me have read it — here’s what I 100% know is in the script.”

The insider claims the film is going to be more gruesome and a lot bloodier, “50 times” more so than the first Joker. Allegedly, there is a “body count through the roof” and every death in the script is “extremely gruesome.”

Source: Batman #95

These deaths are murders that happen at the hand of Arthur Fleck after he escapes from Arkham to go on another killing spree.

During this rampage, there are “multiple decapitations, torture scenes, a castration, bombs going off, and a very CLOCKWORK ORANGE style rape scene, with the victim ending up dead.”

Along the way, he meets Lady Gaga’s character who isn’t actually Harley Quinn according to the source. She might as well be though because she is said to be deranged in her own right.

Sources: Machete Kills & Suicide Squad (2016)

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The bad romance that she and Fleck strike up is reportedly not straightforward and is compared to Tom & Jerry. One can only assume this means there will be more chases and hijinx-fraught fights than lunch dates and candlelit dinners.

Joker 2 is being called a musical but expect that aspect to be less like La La Land or West Side Story and more like the infamous Stanley Kubrick film referenced.

A Clockwork Orange was a controversial movie banned in some countries for the way it pushed the envelope. In one of its earliest scenes, Malcolm MacDowell’s character Alex and his gang of Droogs break into a house and strip, torture, rape, and humiliate a woman while he croons “Singin’ In The Rain.”

Source: A Clockwork Orange (1971), Warner Bros.

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Other scenes involving sex, assaults, and graphic content play out to classical music by the composer Beethoven – which is a favorite of Alex and referred to several times diegetically as it drives him crazy.

That is the direction the rumor indicates Todd Phillips is going and the source believes the supposedly musical sequences will “make all traditional fans of the musical genre walk out of the theater.”

Joker 2: Folie A Deux is poised to go further than the first film, which itself wasn’t a textbook comic book movie, and it may go as far as it can without chasing the goal of a third movie.

Source: Joker (2019), Warner Bros. Pictures

“This movie will blow people’s minds if it’s shot well. The script is shocking and doesn’t even feel like a big-budget franchise movie,” says the scoop.

Again, we stress none of this is confirmed, but tell us your reaction to these reputed spoilers below. Does it sound like what you want from a Joker movie? Leave a comment.

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