The Boys essentially creates two classes of people within the show’s universe – supers vs. everyone else. There’s a clear line between the two, and people are often either on one side of the line or the other. However, that started to change in season 3 when have-nots like Hughie and Butcher suddenly got powers for the first time.

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Within the classes of supers, not all of them are the same. There is a hierarchy based on power and skill set. Even that is not set in stone, though. As politics and situations constantly change, it helps sometimes to keep an accounting of who’s who.

10) William Butcher

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Butcher is the only non-super on this list, and that’s because he’s pretty damn strong when he’s on Temp V. There isn’t much to go on as far as what kind of powers someone gets when they’re on the drug, but with Butcher, it makes sense that he’s super strong and has incredibly powerful laser eyes.

One downside is that he’s not as accustomed to his powers as natural supers are, so he may be outsmarted in a fight. What he lacks in experience, he makes up for with rage. This is what allowed him to go toe-to-toe in a laser eye battle with Homelander and live to tell the tale.

9) Kimiko

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Kimiko might not have the raw strength of other supers, but she makes up for it with pretty much everything else. She’s super fast and ferocious, which makes her a danger to anyone she’s up against. 

Like Butcher, she might not have the training that helps her in a fight against other supers, but her super-fast healing abilities make her nearly un-killable. The show has yet to really see her fight a truly menacing threat besides Stormfront, but it’s only a matter of time before she’s thrown up against an A-lister. 

8) Black Noir

Black Noir is a fairly enigmatic figure in The Boys. A lot was revealed about his backstory in season three, which explains some of his behavior, but that doesn’t discredit just how much of a threat he truly is. Deep down, he’s savage, calculated and brutal.

It’s a shame fans never got to see him go up against Soldier Boy or Homelander, but there are plenty of examples of him in action throughout the show. He really is an unbelievable soldier that shows no mercy, and isn’t as easily defeated as the ending he was given.

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7) Queen Maeve

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It’s hard to quantify just how strong Maeve is, mainly because she spent a good portion of the show drunk and depressed. When it came time to focus on bringing Homelander down, the hero side of her began to shine through.

She knew she couldn’t take Homelander on by herself, but when things with Soldier Boy took a turn during this season’s finale, Maeve stepped up to fight Homelander herself. The fight was definitely one-sided given Homelander being as strong as he is, but Maeve put up a decent enough challenge to earn her a spot on this list.

6) Starlight

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Starlight is another hero where it is hard to quantify her true power set. So far, her powers have consisted of a few powerful punches and a fancy light show, but as displayed in the season finale, she’s sitting on a tinderbox of power.

Hughie showed this off by ramping up the electricity in a room so that Starlight could unleash a powerful blast on Soldier Boy. And given this trend, with enough juice, it’s certainly possible that she may be the strongest super in the world, provided she has enough room to emit a sizeable blast.

5) Congresswoman Neuman

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Congresswoman Neuman is a bit of a wild card as her powers are more mental than physical. The show hasn’t demonstrated what she can do physically, but the power to simply explode someone’s head with a basic thought is pretty scary.

It’s unclear exactly how strong this power of hers is, and what effect it could have on Homelander or the others, but that doesn’t necessarily matter. As shown during the infamous hearing scene, whenever Neuman is involved, a massacre is just a thought away, so regular people are always at risk.

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4) Stormfront

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Stormfront is dangerous for many reasons, and not just because of her Nazi ideology. She has a lot of the super powered package including strength, speed and flight, which is a rarity in The Boys universe. Also, as her name suggests, she boasts some serious electric powers.

Another part of what makes Stormfront so powerful is her history. As the first super and widow of Compound V’s creator, Stormfront has a unique perspective on being a super. If experience allows someone to grow stronger as a fighter, then Stormfront has more of it than any other super.

3) Ryan Butcher

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It’s difficult to place Ryan Butcher on this list considering he’s not technically a full-fledged super just yet. He obviously has powers and he’s clearly strong, being Homelander’s son, but he has yet to truly display what he’s capable of.

There is a little bit to go off of, though. During the season two finale, Ryan was the only one able to put Stormfront down for good. It might have been by accident and out of his control, but that sheer display of power shows that he has Homelander’s level of strength, at least when it comes to raw potential.

2) Soldier Boy

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It’s hard to pin down exactly what Soldier Boy’s powers are from the show alone, but it seems if he’s just as un-killable. Bullets, gas, explosions – nothing seems to put him down for the count. He’s just a survivor, through and through.

Add to that his already unbelievable strength, and it’s no surprise that Soldier Boy takes the number two spot. He also has the ability to burn Compound V straight out of a super’s system. There’s no other mechanism for de-powering a super just yet, so this ability is still unique in The Boys universe.

1) Homelander

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And then there’s Homelander. He’s been set up as the great and powerful being of this universe, and there are plenty of examples that prove it. It wasn’t until this season that he finally felt a true threat in the form of Soldier Boy, but even that wasn’t enough to truly top him.

Soldier Boy still needed help from Butcher and Hughie to pin Homelander down. Still, Homelander was able to break free and escape. This season definitely showed that he’s not as unstoppable as he would like to believe, but he’s still pretty damn close.

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