10 Minor Marvel Characters That Should Enter The MCU

Source: Marvel Comics

There’s certainly no shortage of characters in the Marvel pantheon of comics. Within that domain are certain tiers, from A-list superstars to hundreds of minor characters that have become sleeper hits with fans, or fallen into relative obscurity over the years.

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As the Marvel Cinematic Universe expands with more and more content, the creators are going to need more and more characters to fill certain roles in the storylines. It would be helpful for them to look in the nooks and crannies of Marvel Comics history for some characters that don’t get as much attention.

10) Big Bertha

Source: Big Bertha, Marvel

Big Bertha is primarily known as a member of the Great Lakes Avengers. They are much more of a comedic group than an action one, but given the breath of the MCU’s genres, it might be time for Big Bertha to make an appearance.

The great thing about Bertha is that she is kind of like the X-Men character Blob. She’s pretty huge, and that power renders her as an unstoppable force. The only thing that makes her unique is that her secret identity is as a supermodel. That ridiculous dichotomy would be awesome to see on the screen.

9) Jack of Hearts

Source: Avengers, Marvel

Jack of Hearts is more of a gimmick character than one of substantial substance, but that doesn’t make him any less valuable. He was a staple member of the Avengers for a while, before meeting an untimely fate that kicked off a new era of the Avengers in the early 2000s.

While he wouldn’t stand so much on his own as a main character, Jack’s inclusion into the MCU would go a long way as fan service towards some of Marvel’s older readers. Also, the character is well known for being out of control with his powers, which could lead to a lot of problematic situations.

8) Rocket Racer

Source: Amazing Spider-Man, Marvel

On the surface, Rocket Racer could fall into the same vein as Iron Man and Iron Heart. He is an engineering whiz kid from Brooklyn who develops a rocket propelled skateboard to commit crimes.

Unlike most MCU villains seen thus far though, Rocket Racer is merely a byproduct of his environment. He steals to support his family, and has had moments of reform. As the MCU starts to focus on its street level characters, Rocket Racer’s story would be interesting to see how individuals bounce back and forth between a life of crime and heroism.

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7) Speedball

Source: New Warriors, Marvel

Speedball is a character mostly associated with the New Warriors. He is a bubbly fan favorite character that is known for bouncing off walls, and moving at incredible speeds.

Unfortunately, Speedball is also known as acting as a trigger for Marvel’s superhero Civil War. That led the character down a downward spiral into becoming the grim antihero Penance. Although this storyline wasn’t well received, the character’s overall arc might make for an entertaining inclusion into the MCU.

6) The Spot

Source: Amazing Spider-Man, Marvel

The Spot is a rather quirky Spider-Man villain. His main feature is that he controls interdimensional spots that can cause rips in space and time. This makes for some very interesting fighting as Spider-Man tries to contain him.

The Spot probably couldn’t carry a film or a series as a main character, but perhaps a minor villain, or a villain for an episode would definitely put the MCU’s special effects specialties to good use, as there has yet to be a threat like him yet. The Spot made an appearance in the classic 1990s Spider-Man cartoon series, so there’s no reason he can’t make a comeback. 

5) Squirrel Girl

The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl

Source: The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl, Marvel

Squirrel Girl is another former member of the Great Lakes Avengers, but she’s since branched out on her own to gain immense popularity. She has even been a part a failed live action pilot with Milana Vayntrub perfectly cast as the role. Plus, her powers of commanding squirrels would be amazing to see on screen.

With the MCU starting to trend younger, it might be time to revisit Squirrel Girl’s character in the universe. She would fit perfectly in tone with Ms. Marvel, and bring some much-needed levity and humor that can even rival Deadpool’s inevitable arrival.

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4) Stilt-Man

Source: Superior Spider-Man, Marvel

With Daredevil getting a second chance at life in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it might be cool to explore some of his lesser known villains. Also, with 18 episodes to fill, now might be the time to take a chance on something as crazy as Stilt-Man.

Fans of the Daredevil show might find it ridiculous to have a villain on stilts fighting a character who has been portrayed so dark and gritty, but that’s the great thing about the MCU. Adapting such a weird and quirky villain would be a challenge, and interesting to see on the big screen.

3) Hobgoblin

Source: Amazing Spider-Man, Marvel

It might seem strange calling the Hobgoblin a minor character, but in terms of live action adaptations, he has been pushed aside in favor of his more well-known – and greener – counterpart. That isn’t to say that the Hobgoblin doesn’t have merit in the MCU.

Most notably, the Hobgoblin was known as a villain who never took his animosity towards Spider-Man personally. It was merely a business decision to eradicate the wall-crawler. And after Willem Dafoe’s Norman Osborn left the MCU, it’s certainly plausible he left some gear and tech behind that might be used by someone else.

2) Ragnarok

Source: Thunderbolts, Marvel

Ragnarok made his first appearance in Marvel’s Civil War. With Thor away from Earth, Tony Stark created a cybernetic version of Thor that ended up going rogue. Eventually, this character morphed into its own creation, the villainous anti-hero known as Ragnarok.

By now, Thor has had quite a journey in the MCU.  Having Ragnarok enter this Universe can provide some much needed fresh material for the character to work with, especially in light of the lukewarm reception to the recent release of Thor: Love & Thunder.

1) Impossible Man

Source: Fantastic Four, Marvel

Impossible Man was an early Fantastic Four villain. Though it’s odd referring to him as a villain, as he’s more of a nuisance and troublemaker than an evil character. Plus, his design is definitely one of the weirdest in the franchise’s history. 

Impossible Man’s main appeal is that there is certain fan speculation that he is actually the Superman villain Mr. Mxyzptlk. Since he’s a fifth dimensional imp capable of bending reality, the theory is that he crossed over into Marvel Comics to terrorize the Fantastic Four. If that same idea were to be applied to the films, a lot of fun could be had mixing the MCU with the DCEU. 

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