Rumor: ‘Batgirl’ Actress Leslie Grace Allegedly Approached By Warner Bros. Discovery To Reprise Role In Future DC Projects

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Warner Bros. Discovery may have canceled the Batgirl movie but they are reportedly trying to patch things up with the jilted parties that made the film.

Source: Batman: Batgirl (1997)

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Per Variety, the company and CEO David Zaslav are said to be making overtures to star Leslie Grace and directors Adil El Arbi and Billal Fallah for a new deal that likely would entail Grace being involved in a number of new DC projects as Batgirl in a vane similar to Black Widow and the Hulk over at Marvel.

The outlet notes that Grace returning as Batgirl in future DC films is an idea that has been entertained by newly installed Warner Bros. Pictures Group chiefs Michael De Luca and Pam Abdy.

A solo film for the character is thought to be on the table but there’s a complication. Grace, according to Giant Freakin Robot, was “extremely angry” about the abrupt axing of her debut in a lead role and naturally turned them down emphatically.

Source: Batgirl #43

Many take her side in this and see Warner Bros.’s attempt at a renewed offer as damage control for the image of a studio —  Zaslav specifically, according to reports — that pulled the plug on Batgirl in the name of cost-cutting and preserving brand quality.

There’s a rumor too put out by the sources of YouTube commentator Diktor Van Doomcock that Zaslav is on a mission to eliminate wokeness and, seeing how shamefully the movie treats the returning of Michael Keaton, was unhappy with the end product.

Source: Batman (1966-1968), Greenway Productions

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Taking a tax break, wanting to fit a satisfactory definition of “ready,” or whatever the case, Warner’s attempt at making nice comes across as hollow and transparent, and it’s made worse by their inaction regarding controversial actor Ezra Miller.

Despite felony charges, being armed while on the lam, and cult-like behavior, Miller has not been fired since Zaslav took power and, what’s more, the executive is standing by The Flash — which has a release date scheduled for next summer whereas Batgirl is never going to see the light of day.

Source: Batgirl Vol. 5 #10 “Son of Penguin, Part 4” (2017), DC Comics. Cover art by Chris Wildgoose.

There’s said to be a ten-year plan for DC cinema involving Black Adam, Flash, and all the heavyweight IPs that make up the Justice League. For now, Batgirl doesn’t fit into it but maybe someday she will — just not with Leslie Grace behind the mask.

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