HBO Max Cancels Ellen DeGeneres Woke Animated Series Aimed At Preschoolers

Little Ellen and her friends
Source: Little Ellen, HBO Max

In yet another sign that the times are a-changin’, HBO Max just canceled several animated shows aimed at kids that focus on hyper-radical Woke content and sexual programming/indoctrination of underage children. This includes Cartoonito’s Little Ellen, produced by comedienne Ellen DeGeneres, most famous for accusations of abusing employees working on her daytime talk show.

The intro to Little Ellen

Source: Little Ellen, HBO Max

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Co-creator Jennifer Skelly, who previously worked on properties like Hello Ninja, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, and the Kung-Fu Panda TV series, called the decision “really devastating.” According to a Variety article, HBO Max slashed Little Ellen and many other shows from its lineup in order to cut costs.

However, pundits on both Right and Left see it as HBO Max stepping away from the divisive and costly failures of producing Woke entertainment, not to mention the ensuing backlash which began when corporate giant Disney began meddling in the affairs of Florida’s anti-grooming bill. 

Little Ellen doing a comedy routine

Source: Little Ellen, HBO Max

Little Ellen got the chop despite twenty unreleased episodes still produced and ready to go, which is a strong signal that the company is starting to rethink its approach to content. “I’ve worked on a million things that have never seen the light of day, but it’s pretty rare that you get this far down the pipe — it’s literally done — and it’s still not going to see the light of day.” Skelly added.

Season one of the show debuted in September of 2021 with 10 episodes, followed by a second season in March of 2022. It was part and parcel of WarnerMedia’s push for “Humancentric Learning,” which turned out (predictably) to be extreme-radical Woke gender theory and LGBTQ propaganda pushed on impressionable children.

Poster for Batman: Caped Crusader

Source: Batman – Caped Crusader, Warner Bros. Entertainment

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Seasons three and four of Little Ellen will be subsequently blown out of the airlock, along with thirty-five other shows in preparation for a takeover by Warner Bros. Discovery. This also affects the release of upcoming projects slated for debut on HBO Max, most notably Batman: Caped Crusader and Young Justice, which may be developed under different studios.

While the purge could indeed be seen as a cost-cutting measure, it’s at least partly an excuse to shed divisive content from the platform. That may change when Warner gains full control, but the current political climate suggests otherwise, and nowhere is that more apparent than Warner’s newfound involvement with CNN.

Brian Stelter's final episode on CNN

Source: CNN Reliable Sources, YouTube

Warner Bros. Discovery will be taking over the shattered remnants of fake news perpetrator CNN, which recently fired far-Left opinion hack Brian Stelter from the network. This comes hot on the heels of disgraced CNN alum Jeffrey Toobin being shown the door, which was a follow-up to compromised anchor Chris Cuomo getting fired over his handling of brother Andrew Cuomo’s political fall from grace.

New CEO Chris Licht made no bones about his dislike for Stelter, or his humorously-named show Reliable Sources. Similarly, Warner Bros. Discovery board member John Malone has made it clear that he wants CNN to shed its overtly partisan business model in favor of unbiased, ethics-based journalism.

We aren’t holding our breath on that one.

Source: Lightyear, Disney

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The timing couldn’t be worse for the Woke, with many large media companies rethinking their stance on radical-Left religious dogma being crammed down on audiences across the country, and beyond. Even ultra-Woke mega-corporation Disney is starting to show signs of weakness, and is now curbing its LGBTQ content to appease Middle Eastern and Asian audiences.

It isn’t fair to make the claim that Little Ellen was canceled specifically because of its child-grooming content, but the argument can be made that Warner Bros. is looking for excuses to put the lead boots on any property that strays too far into controversy. Certainly, more eyes than ever are on corporations and institutions embracing Wokeism, and the response thus far has been overwhelmingly negative.

Little Ellen with her friends

Source: Little Ellen, HBO Max

Time will tell if Warner Bros. creeps its way back into nefarious gender and sex-related content aimed at prepubescent children, or whether it will close that particular chapter altogether. Trust in media is at an all-time low, parents are spitting nails, and shareholders are staring cross-eyed at the supposed “creatives” in charge of pumping out new content for various streaming services.

Ellen DeGeneres' final episode of her show

Source: The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Warner Bros. TV

For Ellen DeGeneres, it’s the latest example of her fading star power in the wake of her 2021 P.R. disaster, and her slide into cultural irrelevancy. Like many on the Woke Left, all they had to do was behave themselves, but they just couldn’t help it. 

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