It’s a Hollywood tale as old as time at this point: ‘rules for thee, but not for me’.

Despite their constant lecturing over and support of COVID-19 restrictions and the usage of facial masks, a number of woke celebrities were seen at this year’s Super Bowl breaking the very same rules they so fervently demand others follow.

Source: NFL, YouTube

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Taking place this past Sunday, the 13th of February, Super Bowl LVI saw the Cincinnati Bengals and the Los Angeles Rams show down at the SoFi Stadium in Inglewood, California.

While the state’s COVID-19 restrictions – specifically mask mandates for vaccinated individuals – were still in place at the time of game, they were expected to be lifted on just two days after the annual event, a number of celebrities were caught at the game failing to practice what they preach.

Source: NFL, YouTube

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Despite the then-ongoing restrictions, celebrities including talk show host Ellen DeGeneres, actress Charlize Theron, and Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds were seen in attendance at the Super Bowl failing to wear masks.

Shortly after the conclusion of the game, political commentator and sports journalist Clay Travis shared a short video compilation of “every celebrity without a mask during the Super Bowl,” to Twitter.

“But every kid in California will have to be wearing them tomorrow in school,” he commented alongside the video. “They must all be holding their breaths the entire game.”

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However, Travis’ efforts would eventually prove redundant, as many of the celebrities were themselves all too eager to show off their blatant disregard for the very masking mandates they supported.

Prior to kickoff, DeGeneres took to Instagram to share a picture of herself, wherein she can be seen maskless among a crowd of attendees at the mega event.

Source: Ellen DeGeneres, Instagram

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This is the same DeGeneres that made every single one of the members of her audience on The Ellen Show wear a mask during the long-running show’s final season.

Just one season before, the talk show host forced her audiences to attend her show virtually because of how purportedly concerned she was about others, and perhaps even herself, catching the virus. 

Source: The Ellen Show, YouTube

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“You better werk #SuperBowl” wrote actress Charlize Theron on Twitter, sharing a picture of herself being displayed – maskless- on the stadium’s jumbotron, clearly defying the same restrictions she had been lecturing others about since the beginning of the pandemic.

Source: Charlize Theron, Twitter

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Yet, it was Theron who in July of 2020 posted a picture of herself inside of a car – probably even alone – to her Instagram with the caption, “Don’t be an ass, #WearADamnMask”.

Source: Charlize Theron, Instagram

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“Will keeps asking me why there’s a fourth down,” read a post shared by Reynolds shared to his Instagram, wherein he can be seen standing alongside comedian Will Ferrel – both maskless – at the Super Bowl.

Source: Ryan Reynolds, Instagram

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Social media did not stand for these celebrities’ lack of self-awareness, especially in light of how most of them had lately taken to incessantly virtue signalling about their COVID-19 vaccination status and lecturing others about the usage of facial masks.

Sharing a collage of various celebrities, including the above trio as well as Ben Affleck, Ed Helms, Lebron James, Mark Wahlberg, Jennifer Lopez, Drake, and Johnson, caught actively breaking California’s COVID-19 restrictions at the star-studded event, user @Fedup2479wrote, “Yet kids around the country will be required to wear masks at school this morning.”

Source: @Fedup2479, Twitter

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Republican Texas Senator Ted Cruz was also displeased with the number of celebrities breaking the blue state’s restrictions, taking to social media to express his disappointment in the Hollywood elite.

“As the Hollywood liberals and politicians at the Super Bowl showed us yesterday, American elites are done with mask mandates,” asserted Cruz. “It’s well past time the Left gets rid of asks mandates on kids in school too!”

Source: Ted Cruz, Twitter

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Republican member of the California State Assembly Suzette Martinez Valladares also chastised the woke Hollywood elites who didn’t follow the state’s COVID-19 protocols, declaring, “Speaking as a mom, it doesn’t make sense that Hollywood stars & LA Mayor can go maskless at the Super Bowl for 4+ hours, yet our kids are still mandated to wear masks in schools @ school playgrounds when science doesn’t support it.”

She added, “This has passed the point of making any sense.”

Source: Suzette Valladares, Twitter

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Fox and Friends co-host Janice Dean simply wrote, “Of course celebrities and politicians didn’t wear masks at the Superbowl.” 

Source: Janice Dean, Twitter

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“See all those masks at the Super Bowl?” asked actor Matthew Marsden before answering his own rhetorical question. “Me neither.” 

Source: Matthew Marsden, Twitter

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Judicial Watch president Tom Fitton questioned, “So virtually no one is wearing a mask at the Super Bowl in the same place that abusively mandates them for children?”

Source: Tom Fitton, Twitter

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“Today in California, kids in school are required to wear masks. Last night, 70,000 people—including celebrities, partied maskless indoors at the Super Bowl inside Los Angeles,” pointed out Turning Point USA founder and president Charlie Kirk.

Source: Charlie Kirk, Twitter

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While the state’s general mask restrictions were relaxed on the 15th of February, the Los Angeles Times reported on Monday that they would remain in place in  K-12 schools through the 28th of February.

California’s health and human services secretary Dr. Mark Ghaly stated that by the aforementioned date, “we anticipate being able to share what the next period of time will look like and, with some specificity, give a date when the masking requirement will move to a recommendation.”

Source: ABC10, YouTube

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“Parents should not hear that we aren’t making a move.” Ghaly went on. “We are taking a little bit more time to consider the information, work with our partners across the state to make sure when the move is made, that we are doing it successfully with communities empowered to continue to be safe.”

It is also worth pointing out that USA Today’s fact-checkers confirmed that California’s COVID-19 rules applied to all Super Bowl attendees, specifically noting that SoFi Stadium required “all spectators age 5 and older to show either proof of vaccination or a negative COVID-19 test to enter the stadium.”

Source: NFL, YouTube

What do you make of these woke celebrities flaunting California’s COVID-19 restrictions at this year’s Super Bowl? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section down below or on social media.

[Editor’s Note: A previous headline indicated that the above celebrities have continued to call for masking restrictions. However, as of writing, none of the above have recently and publicly discussed the restrictions – save James, who complained about the improper wearing of face masks at his son’s basketball game in December of 2021.]

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