Keffals Celebrates Taking Down Kiwi Farms After Swatting Attempt

Source: Things have escalated. Now i'm in hiding., Keffals via YouTube

Keffals has taken down Kiwi Farms after their alleged stalking, harassment, doxxing, and swatting. The site has become notorious for attacking both Left-wing liberals and Right-wing Conservative voices, including Republican Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene

Keffals livestream, YouTube

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Keffals (Clara Sorrenti) is a streamer who typically focuses on left-wing politics and transgender issues, herself being trans. In June of this year, she announced “i am proud to announce i am sponsoring the diy hrt directory. healthcare is a human right, and no one should be denied gender-affirming care because anti-trans extremists in office deny trans people their rights. this directory has saved lives and will continue to in the future.”

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“When i was covering it on stream a teenager from texas in chat said when the ban on people under 18 receiving gender affirming care happened, he used this directory to continue medical transition,” Keffals claimed. “This is the path forward to help kids affected by these laws.”

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Despite the website declaring they don’t provide medical advice, it nonetheless intends to “teach transgender people how to safely perform DIY Hormone Replacement Therapy.” 

It appears DIY HRT and Keffal’s sponsorship was highlighted by @LibsofTikTok, a twitter account dedicated to showcasing left-wing social media users proudly boasting weird, or inappropriate behavior.

While the tweet in question seems to have been deleted, Keffals’ claimed @LibsofTikTok’s followers were harassing her. “To all the people coming to my profile because they are fans of libs of tiktok: i am not a teacher. you cannot get me fired,” Keffals refuted. “I am going to teach the kids who watch me on twitch everyday that it’s okay to love themselves and be who they are and you literally cannot stop me.”

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“There are teenagers who had the courage to come out and have started transitioning because of my streams. i do not give a single shit what you think about me. call me a groomer if you want. history will absolve me,” Keffals defied.

She then re-iterated that she “just sponsored the diy hrt directory so trans teens can access hormones below the age of 18 in texas and other states with anti-trans laws. everytime you call me a groomer you will make me go harder.”

Archive Link Source: keffals Twitter

Kiwi Farms had also taken note. The forum was dedicated towards monitoring and ridiculing individuals who acted outrageously; or “lolcows” – persons who were unwittingly being “milked for laughs.”

Due to cataloging and mocking people, the forum’s members have been accused of orchestrating direct harassment, encouraging or escalating their target’s behavior for their amusement, stalking, and doxxing.

Kiwi Farms Logo, ‘Know Your Memes’

Global News reported that on August 5th, armed London Police Service officers arrested Keffals’ at her home. Someone had used her personal information to send death threats to London, Ontario councilors, claiming she had killer her own mother and would do the same to any “cis and straight” people working at city council.

Speaking in her own video about the experience, Keffals claimed Toronto Police Service informed her of an attempted swatting against her the week before. When interviewed by Global News, Keffals elaborated they didn’t follow through with their tip, as it was not credible. Yet, there was seemingly no communication between Toronto and London Police Services.

The Toronto Police Service would only tell Global News that there was “an ongoing investigation” and that they could “confirm that a report was filed. We have reached out to the investigator.”

Keffals holding a search warrant on YouTube page

Keffals told Global News she found the London Police Service transphobic, using her “deadname” (her name before she had a sex change), as had the fake death threat.

London Police Service Chief Steve Williams later stated they were gathering information for a review, and “We acknowledge that despite our best efforts we may fall short at times, and in those situations, we learn, we educate, and we do better.”

‘Trans woman, Twitch streamer Keffals doxxed, arrested by London, Ont. police at gunpoint’, Global News via YouTube

“I don’t know how they’re investigating this, but to you, this is very clearly a hate crime,” Keffals’ told Global News. “They want me dead. I’m a high-profile transgender activist, there’s a big target on my back, and for the past year, transgender people have been at the focal point of a culture war.”

“These bigots, they don’t want people like me to exist because I go out of my way, almost every day, in order to uplift our community,” Keffals explained, breaking down in tears soon after. Global News also reported Keffals intended to “sue the police department” once cleared.

Keffals would begin to find another place to live, and claimed in another video that a separate swatting attempt had been made on August 14th. Using an image she shared on her Discord server, her harassers allegedly “cross-referenced” the pattern on the bed sheets to work out the hotel she and her fiancé were staying, and began sending pizzas to her room using her deadname.

Taking it as a threat, Keffals checked out and made her video from an undisclosed location. She claims one of the pizza takeout managers — recognizing her name from local media coverage — called the police over the matter. She further claimed Kiwi Farms users had worked out two addresses for the prior swatting – one her home, and another of an elderly man. Both had SWAT sent to them.

Keffals addresses fans via YouTube

Keffals alleged Kiwi Farms was behind the doxxing, publishing of her home, and hotel room. She further claimed a harassment campaign had been instigated against her for months, including doxxing against family, friends, and those “loosely associated” with her. She also claimed a graphic artist who worked for her was swatted on August 1st, and police were monitoring her thread.

She describes Kiwi Farms as “an online community of stalkers, that torment and harass their victims so intensely” it leads to suicide. She detailed the aforementioned suicides of Julie Terryberry, Chloe Sagal, and David Kirk Ginder (game developer Near) – all reportedly due to Kiwi Farms’ users actions.

Keffals livestream, YouTube

Keffals livestream, YouTube

She further alleged she had identified one London, Ontario resident who regularly posted about her on Kiwi Farms, along with others in the city. At the time Keffals said she couldn’t comment on what legal action she would be taking, nor against whom. The streamer also stated she had no ill will to the officers who arrested or dead-named her, providing she could assist in arrest her harassers.

Keffals proposes Kiwi Farms had operated for so long as “they’re relatively unknown outside the internet,” and that more people needed to know who they were to fight back. As such, she encouraged others to share her video, and push for an “international discussion.”

A photo of Kwi Farms operator Joshua Moon

A photo of Kwi Farms operator Joshua Moon

She concluded speaking to Kiwi Farms owner Joshua Moon. “Joshua, you are complicit in making multiple people commit suicide, you have made enemies everywhere, the legacy you are going to leave behind in this world, is one creating and operating a platform that for nearly a decade has tormented countless people.”

“One day, you are going to get sloppy, and your entire life is going to collapse like a house of cards. And when that day comes, no one will be there to help you.”


In the press kit Keffals included in the video, the documents include alleged screenshots of the Kiwi Farms thread that show how social media and Discord posts were utilized to find Keffals home, and hotel room (via nearby buildings and other information).

The press kit also cites 60 “violent threats” made by users against her. These include referencing how 41% of transgender people allegedly attempt suicide, and hoping Keffals would do the same, along with general disgust and contempt for her, and outright “hope” others would engage in dangerous acts, such as mailing her anthrax.

Violent Threat #1, Keffals Press Kit

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On the same day as her green-screen video, Keffals demanded that hosting and DDoS protection company Cloudflare and CEO Mathew Prince no longer provide services for Kiwi Farms.

“Hi @eastdakota [Prince] your company @Cloudflare supports a website called kiwifarms which doxxed me and my entire family and was used to manipulate the police into pointing an assault rifle at me. I could have died, and it was directly because of them. Please drop them. Do what is right,” Keffals implored.

“I am now inbetween homes @eastdakota because the website your company supports keeps attempting to dox me and people use that information to swat me.” Keffals continued. “If I die as a result of these heinous people, you would be culpable for supporting them. Please act.”

Archive Link Source: keffals Twitter

Keffals pushed for a “campaign” dubbed #DropKiwiFarms, creating a website with contact information for “top executives” to demand Kiwi Farms be pulled.

“As we continue to move forward, we will add more contact information of the people who work at the business that keep Kiwifarms on the internet, and apply pressure until they do the right thing and drop them,” Keffals vowed. A protest was also planned for October 18th. 

Archive Link Source: keffals Twitter

On August 31st, Cloudflare issued a statement. While they emphasized they updated their abuse policies last year, “as questions have arisen, we thought it made sense to describe those policies in more detail here.”

Cloudflare stated that their policies were built to “minimize unintended consequence,” and there were different policies for hosting and providing their DDoS and security services. While the latter is exempt from some content regulation, Cloudflare’s Hosting Policy forbids illegal content, including defamation or libel “as determined by appropriate legal process.”

They felt terminating security services for those who offended others wasn’t right — akin to a fire department refusing to help those “who do not possess sufficient moral character,” or a telephone company cutting someone off if they “say awful, racist, bigoted things.”

‘What is Cloudflare?’, CloudFlare YouTube page

Cloudflare claim that in the aftermath of terminating services for The Daily Stormer and 8Chan, they saw a surge of “authoritarian regimes” demand they terminate security services for human rights organizations. They cited Cloudflare’s very own justifications for taking down those websites.

After “significant discussions with policy makers worldwide,” Cloudflare concluded they shouldn’t have the power to terminate security services for a website. “Not because the content of those sites wasn’t abhorrent — it was — but because security services most closely resemble Internet utilities.”

“To be clear, just because we did it in a limited set of cases before doesn’t mean we were right when we did. Or that we will ever do it again,” Cloudflare stated. 


‘How Cloudflare Workers delivers serverless computing,’ Cloudflare YouTube page

#DropKiwiFarms condemned Cloudflare’s answer as “inadequate, inconsistent and an abdication of their moral responsibility.” They denounced Cloudflare for taking the opportunity to promote themselves, rather than address the problem, and that how their prior description of 8Chan (given when they took that website down), matches how #DropKiwiFarms would describe Kiwi Farms. 

Claiming yet another doxx had occurred against Keffals (an alleged Kiwi Farms member appearing at her European address to threaten and harass her), they denied Cloudflare is absolved of any responsibility for Kiwi Farms users’ alleged actions.

They argued by Cloudflare trying to remain neutral was unethical, and demand Cloudflare simply “make ethical choices” in a case-by-case basis, even if it’s a “difficult decision.” #DropKiwiFarms also assert Cloudflare were more than capable of distinguishing “between an oppressed minority and an authoritarian regime in the same way they can distinguish between hate speech and free speech.”  

Archive Link Source: DropKiwiFarms

#DropKiwiFarms reassure the matter wasn’t to condemn Cloudflare or its employees as good or bad. “This is about the ethics of a particular action that they choose to take – protecting the lethal far-right harassment forum known as Kiwi Farms. It is our stance that Cloudflare can continue to engage in good work while discontinuing services for harmful actors.”

It is important to note that Kiwi Farms is best described as an “Alt-Right” group, which despises and stands against traditional far-Right Conservative politics. The Left often use the term “far-Right” as a stand-in to attack their political rivals, while Alt-Right KKK and Neo Nazi voices like Richard Spencer and David Duke endorse Joe Biden for President, and stand in solidarity with racist Democrats like Ilhan Omar

24 hours later, Keffals herself boasted “We are winning,” showing a headline from stocks website Seeking Alpha titled “Cloudflare slumps amid pressure tied to online harassment sites.” Shares had reportedly dropped 5%, and a Cloudflare spokesperson would only state that they didn’t host Kiwi Farms.

Archive Link Source: keffals Twitter

September 1st would see Keffals and #DropKiwiFarms vow to protest at the Cloudflare Connect conference in Sydney, Australia; supporting attendees and supporting staff planning to “boo loudly and walk out mid-keynote at 10am, followed by joining the protest outside.” Two days after that threat, Prince announced that Cloudflare would be blocking KiwiFarms.

Prince opened that visitors to Kiwi Farms websites would instead be blocked, and see a link to that very announcement. He stated that even though Kiwi Farms were likely to move to another provider, he admitted their decision was “a dangerous one that we are not comfortable with.” 

Denouncing Kiwi Farms has hosting “revolting content,” Prince admitted there was a “pressure campaign” to drop the website, and revealed Cloudflare only ever provided security to Kiwi Farms, preventing DDoS attacks.

‘How Cloudflare Workers delivers serverless computing,’ Cloudflare YouTube page

Summarizing their prior rationale and denouncing the idea of using DDoS to silence “even illegal content,” Prince claimed they weren’t taking action because of the pressure campaign. He argues Kiwi Farms had “specific, targeted threats have escalated over the last 48 hours,” and that there was an “immediate threat to human life.”

Prince further claimed that “as the pressure campaign escalated, so did the rhetoric on the Kiwifarms site,” leading them to become “even more aggressive.” As Cloudflare reached out to law enforcement over “potential criminal acts and imminent threats to human life that were posted to the site,” they moved slower than the “risk” was escalating.

“While we believe that in every other situation we have faced — including the Daily Stormer and 8chan — it would have been appropriate as an infrastructure provider for us to wait for legal process, in this case the imminent and emergency threat to human life which continues to escalate causes us to take this action,” Prince explained.

‘What is Cloudflare One?’, Cloudflare YouTube page

Prince cautioned against anyone using this “hard case” as a precedent, clarified the aforementioned policies were still in place, and that legal processes are still the best manner to deal with illegal content. 

“But we need a mechanism when there is an emergency threat to human life for infrastructure providers to work expediently with legal authorities in order to ensure the decisions we make are grounded in due process. Unfortunately, that mechanism does not exist and so we are making this uncomfortable emergency decision alone,” Prince confessed.

CloudFlare CEO Matthew Prince

CloudFlare CEO Matthew Prince

#DropKiwiFarms stated after Cloudflare’s announcement “The Battle Is Won, But The War Is Not Over,” noting that Kiwi Farms had never come under such scrutiny in its over decade-long history. They were happy with the decision, and proposed Kiwi Farms’ community “may never recover,” but cautioned this may not be the end of them.

“As long as websites like Kiwi Farms remain active we’ll keep fighting.” The campaign’s expanding goals were detailed immediately after, noting Fiberhub was hosting Kiwi Farms. “If Kiwi Farms ever becomes active again, we must apply the same pressure to FiberHub that we did to Cloudflare,” the campaign demanded, “otherwise the website will return online and be operational in the foreseeable future.”

FiberHub "About Us" page from official website

FiberHub “About Us” page from official website

“We should celebrate all of our hard work. We did what no one else could. However, this is not the end. If we want to see the end of Kiwi Farms and communities like theirs, we must continue fighting.” Some language in the statement would suggest even if Kiwi Farms was truly ended, the campaign would continue against “similar” websites.

Archive Link Source:

On September 5th, Keffals declared “We won. Kiwi Farms is dead,” providing a further statement on the DropKiwiFarms website. “The campaign is over. We won.” Keffals claimed that while Kiwi Farms came back under a Russian domain and with DDoS-Guard, they were dropped less than 24 hours later. She claims Moon had stated “I do not see a situation where Kiwi Farms is simply allowed to operate.”

“Whether or not we are able to completely remove Kiwi Farms from the internet is irrelevant to the fact that the goals of our campaign have not only been achieved, but have achieved more than we could have ever expected,” Keffals beamed.

Keffals wasted no time keeping the pressure on, noting FiberHub had made no statement, and that her team would “monitor the vestiges of Kiwi Farms in the coming weeks and months.”

Archive Link Source:  keffals Twitter

The #DropKiwiFarms campaign continued soon after Cloudflare’s withdrawal, with a somewhat scorched-earth policy. “This is a huge victory, but the war to get kiwifarms deplatformed is NOT over, the internet archive and the wayback machine are still cataloging people – the threads are still on the clear-net. Need a campaign to remove this doxing site from public archives.”

Archive Link Source: DropKiwifarms Twitter

Keffals also seemed to take pride in Kiwi Farms being taken down, openly taunting its owner Joshua Moon, claiming, “I know you stalk my Twitter account so please reach out to my business email. Your site is dead, you have no major source of income, and you have no options. I will purchase kiwifarms dot net from you so I can re-direct it to a suicide crisis hotline. Think about it.”

Archive Link Source: Keffals Twitter

Meanwhile, Keffals will continue to supposedly back radical therapies and treatments that show no statistical proof of averting suicide and other lifelong medical complications, which continues to set a dangerous precedent for a subset of the populace suffering from a 40%+ suicide rate, which can actually spike by a further 20% for ten to fifteen years after transitioning

Despite Keffals’ victory celebration, Kiwi Farms announced its return on September 27th with the site’s self-proclaimed operator Null posting “hello again.”

Kiwi Farms

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