In a completely adult response to reaping the negative effects of the own poisonous rhetoric he sowed, two-time former G4 host Adam Sessler has responded to the network’s second shutdown by lashing out against critics and leveling childish insults against anyone who offers him a modicum of pushback.

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Shut down less than a year after its revival, G4 was laid to rest for a second time on October 16th.

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“Over the past several months, we worked hard to generate that interest in G4, but viewership is low and the network has not achieved sustainable financial results,” explained the CEO of the telecom giant’s Spectacor arm David Scott of the decision. “This is certainly not what we hoped for, and, as a result, we have made the very difficult decision to discontinue G4’s operations, effective immediately.”

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In light of this far-from-unexpected news, Sessler took to his personal Twitter account to wish his now-former coworkers well in their future endeavors.

“Want to send my best wishes to some of the best and most talented people I’ve ever worked,” he opened. “Please hit me up if there’s some way I can help. You’re all too awesome to not find your way. Big Love.”

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However, rather than leaving on that positive note and saving at least some face, Sessler – apparently unable to help himself – concluded his encouraging good-bye by poking the bear that is G4’s critics.

Having learned no lessons from his recent job loss regarding being careful what one wishes for, the former G4 host then puffed his chest, “And to those misguided who need to send vitriol, go right ahead. I’ll keep taking your hits like I have for 20 years. I’ll still be here just caring about the good people who got jacked.”

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To the surprise of absolutely no one, Sessler’s sneering sign off drew a subsequent wave of mockery from the network’s critics – a wave he would meet with his own childish hissyfit.

“Your inability to listen to any criticism, no matter how valid, for 20 years, is staggering,” said @robinshue18, to which Sessler replied, “Your inability to listen to me without any regard for independent thought for 20 years, is quite staggering too.”

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Met with a taunt of “I’m sure a washed-up, middle aged man like you will be back on his feet in no time in this roaring economy created by the Democrat party,” from @SesslerGotFired, the freshly unemployed media personality shot back, “Just ask your mom, I’m doing fine” – the first instance of what would come to be his favored retort.

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“Do you f–wits have one writer who only knows one rhyme?” he exclaimed in response to one of the many declarations of “get woke go broke” thrown his way. “Also, like a real adult (unlike your mom) I have multiple incomes. Go f–k a sheep again you desperate nazi.”

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“Oh wow, so we’re embracing stereotype and unironically using Nazi as an insult for people who disagree with us,” balked the target of Sessler’s ire, Twitter user @HeWhoWasntThere. “Adam, while we’re over here being ‘adults’, maybe we could also grow a thicker skin and not lower ourselves to ‘your mom’ jokes. Just a thought.”

“Your mom’s got a thick skin,” said Sessler in turn.

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Met with criticism from @unluck099 regarding how embarrassing it was that a “grown man resorting to ‘your mom’ claps” was presenting himself as a healthy example of “how grown adults cope,” Sessler vitriolically fired back, “I mean I could consider funding a house candidate in your district that cuts off all federal funding so you have to whore your daughters off to make ends meet while I drive by laughing, or I could make fun of your mom.”

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Interjecting himself into the interaction, former G4 host Alex “Goldenboy” Mendez offered his emotionally stable colleague some support, dismissing, “Don’t worry Adam that guy ain’t procreating and if they did….oooof.”

“THAT’S MY WORRY” exclaimed Sessler in turn.

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“I wonder if @AdamSessler is proud of his role in killing G4TV within a year of it being brought back,” pondered @SirBaconofBITS, to which Sessler whined, “Ask your mom, she’s pretty proud of something.”

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Takking a brief reprieve from throwing his temper tantrum, Sessler eventually took a moment to reflect to his followers, “So, I had one hell of a therapy session.”

“Ran some math and the novelty of when I started on ZDTV (1998) with a nascent internet and I think I might have one of the longest records for consistent online hate (NOT THE MOST),” he posited. “Nothing to be proud of but…humanity.”

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Despite having seemingly come to somer sort of terms with his current situation thanks to his therapist, following this tweet, Sessler then began turning his ‘tough guy’ act up to eleven.

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Taking note of a tweet by @KaleInPCB which dismissively wrote off his therapy visit as “Most grown men work out ‘FEEEEEELINGS’ on our own. You are just one of those that needs a widdle extra help. Pathetic. How’s the job hunt?”, Sessler responded by seemingly threatening outright real-world violence.

“I have a feeling to bust your ass but you’re in Panama City [Florida] which is punishment enough,” Sessler shot back. “Truly the most disgusting place I’ve ever seen. First time I hear the word ‘dark’ as code for black people. I though they had an electricity problem at first.”

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His tirade drawing a now-deleted response from @MarEra87 of “You blocked all people you got, well done, so f–k you Adam!”, Sessler again threatened, “you little b—h, all I got is people.”

“I’m ready to turn the cap around my head,” he said, ostensibly challenging his detractor to a physical fight. “Let me know who you are. I actually came up when s–t was hard. Plushy f–ks like you just hide and yell.”

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Ultimately, Sessler closed out his meltdown by taking aim at G4 leadership itself, barking, “Big shoutout tonight to those that run G4 for making my life more miserable than usual when I have barely been working for them in the first place.”

“In for a penny, in for a pounding…for your bulls–t,” he concluded.

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