G4 TV Host Adam Sessler Goes Off On Twitter User Who Told Him To “Live In A Cardboard Box”

Source: G4TV YouTube

G4 TV host Adam Sessler went off on a Twitter user who told him to “live in a cardboard box.”

Source: G4 YouTube

Twitter user FedGoat tweeted to Sessler writing, “liberals and democrats are the disease. look at the country now. biden is destroying america and your Hate speech means i will never watch G4.”

“Go live in a cardboard box,” the user concluded.

Source: FedGoat Twitter

Sessler responded, “‘Sally’ has feelings. Like strong snowflake feelings. Like Tucker Carlson puts his hand up my ass and moves my mouth feelings.”

“F***. Your. Feelings. You. F***ing. Republican. Pussy. – From my cardboard box,” he concluded.

Source: Adam Sessler Twitter

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Sessler is no stranger to going after Republicans and cursing people out on Twitter.

Back in January, he tweeted, “Just so I can get it out of my system once for the day: Republicans are stupid, racist, and drink piss.”

Source: Adam Sessler Twitter

In December he insinuated Republicans are racist tweeting, “I’m past the point that things like this will affect Republican voters because I’m past the point that they have comprehension skills more developed than ‘black man bad!'”

Source: Adam Sessler Twitter

In July he tweeted, “Republicans have a small parabola. They only swing between white nationalism and nazism.”

Source: Adam Sessler Twitter

In May 2021, Sessler tweeted, “I wanna laugh at how the Republican Party now is a feckless cult supplicating to a unelected bloated pustule of nominal intellect in a crappy hotel but I can’t because that’s a factual statement .”

Source: Adam Sessler Twitter

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Sessler even described Republicans as a “terrorist organization” back in January 2021.

He wrote, “Until they clean their ranks, Republicans are a terrorist organization. They are nazis with no fashion designer helping them.”

Source: Adam Sessler Twitter

He would also tweet, “Republicans are nazis. They are a cancer. F*** them all.”

Source: Adam Sessler Twitter

His hatred for Republicans runs so deep he even wished death on any of his family members that happen to be Republicans.

He tweeted, “As I said yesterday, all the republicans in my family can eat s**t and die while i sip something bubbly.”

Source: Adam Sessler Twitter

In fact, just a day before this tweet, he also wrote, “And this is why i won’t even attend the funerals of my republican relatives in the midwest. I’ll just enjoy an aperol spritz upon hearing the news of their passing.”

Source: Adam Sessler Twitter

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He also indicated he wanted to defecate on Republicans. He tweeted, “All this election talk of ‘dumps’ makes me want to take a s*** on the nearest republican.”

Source: Adam Sessler Twitter

Sessler’s response to this Twitter user comes as Social Blade reports that G4TV lost over 6,000 subscribers in January. The channel had a peak of 498,000 subscribers on January 11th, but currently sits at 492,000.

Not only are they losing subscribers, but their daily video views also appear to be dropping. January 12th saw a high of 85,832 views. January 26th saw that daily view count drop to 32,885.

Source: G4TV Social Blade

What do you make of Sessler’s response to this Twitter user?

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