G4 Host Adam Sessler Claims “Republicans Are Stupid, Racist, And Drink Piss,” Previously Wished His Republican Family Members Would Die

Source: G4 YouTube

G4 Host Adam Sessler, who hosts the YouTube channel’s reinvented Xplay series, recently claimed “Republicans are stupid, racist, and drink piss.”

Source: G4 YouTube

Sessler took to Twitter on January 11th where he wrote, “Just so I can get it out of my system once for the day: Republicans are stupid, racist, and drink piss.”

Source: Adam Sessler Twitter

These comments are not out of the ordinary as Sessler has made similar ones to them over the course of the last two years.

Last July, Sessler tweeted, “Republicans have a small parabola. They only swing between white nationalism and nazism.”

Source: Adam Sessler Twitter

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In February 2021, he described Republicans as “chickens***s.”

Source: Adam Sessler Twitter

Back in January 2021, he tweeted, “Until they clean their ranks, Republicans are a terrorist organization. They are nazis with no fashion designer helping them.”

Source: Adam Sessler Twitter

On the same day, just a few hours later he tweeted, “Republicans are nazis. They are a cancer. F*** them all.”

Source: Adam Sessler Twitter

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In December 2020, the G4 host tweeted, “In this season of peace and reverence for the sky demon republicans and their voters can still go f*** themselves out of existence.”

Source: Adam Sessler Twitter

Two days later he wrote, “As I said yesterday, all the republicans in my family can eat s**t and die while i sip something bubbly.”

Source: Adam Sessler Twitter

He would also describe Republicans as a “f***ing disease” back in November 2020.

Source: Adam Sessler Twitter

Source: Adam Sessler Twitter

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Sessler’s comments are not out of the ordinary. Numerous celebrities and public figures have made similar incendiary comments. 

Most recently Marvel Comics artist Patrick Zircher claimed that “all Nazis are Republicans.”

The Mandalorian and Game of Thrones actor Pedro Pascal also infamously compared supporters of President Donald Trump to Nazis.

Source: Pedro Pascal Instagram

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While Sessler’s comments are not out of the ordinary, they do reinforce the idea that we are in a culture war.

“That war, rather that conflict, is existing whether you want it to exist or not,” Eric July aptly detailed. “They’re on the attack. They have not stopped and they don’t plan on stopping.”

However, he notes they do need to fund their war machine and that comes from you, ““However, what they do require of you is your money, your funding, and whatnot. And they can always depend on that if they shine, if their keys are just shiny enough.”

July would also assert, “They f***ing hate you. And they’re bold enough because they control so much to tell you that they don’t f***ing like you. The only difference here is is that you fund them, they don’t fund you.”

It’s clear that Sessler hates anyone who identifies as a Republican. Maybe it’s time to stop funding him.

Source: G4 YouTube

What do you make of Sessler’s comments?

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