Looking to trade in capes and psychic entities for swords and shields, world renowned One-Punch Man and Mob Psycho 100 mangaka ONE has announced that serialization will soon begin for his first new original series in ten years.

Source: Versus KV (2022), Kodansha. Art by Azuma Kyoutarou

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Featuring an original story written by ONE, art by Azuma Kyoutarou (King of Fighters: A New Beginning), and composition by Bose (Kokumei No Golem), Versus will transport audiences to a world where “For hundreds of years, mankind has been oppressed by the rise and invasion of its natural enemy, the ‘Demon Tribe’ – the ‘Great Demon King’ and his 47 ‘Demon Kings.'”

Source: The King of Fighters: A New Beginning Volume 6 (2020), Kodansha. Cover Art by Azuma Kyoutarou.

“The people live in fear, but the 47 ‘heroes,’ selected from all over the world, are named ‘Yusha,’ and they are preparing to fight the Demon King’s army,” continues the series’ official synopsis, as shared in the latest issue of Monthly Shonen Sirius and translated by DeepL. “And now, a desperate operation was about to begin that would put the very survival of the human race at stake.”

Source: Official Versus Twitter

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Following the publication of the above announcement, ONE himself took to his personal Twitter to announce, “With the help of Mr. Azuma Kyoutarou and Mr. Bose, I’m going to start a new serial on Monthly Shonen Sirius.”

“I am writing the original text and designing some of the characters,” he confirmed. “Please look forward to it.”

Source: ONE Twitter

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ONE’s partner in crime on the One-Punch Man manga, artist Yusuke Murata, also took to Twitter to share his excitement about his partner’s new serialization. In addition, he not only praised Kyoutarou’s artistic talents, but also gave the series his full endorsement.

“Woah woah! It’s a new serial by ONE-sensei!” Murata declared. “And it’s drawn by Azuma-sensei, whose super drawing ability is on full display in “Tenkaichi“! Too gorgeous! This is a must read!”

Source: Yusuke Murata Twitter

Unfortunately, with this new series on the horizon, it seems unlikely that the One-Punch Man webcomic will return from hiatius anytime soon.

Versus is slated to make its serialization debut in Kodansha’s Monthly Shonen Sirius beginning in issue 1/2023 of the magazine on November 26th.

Source: One-Punch Man Chapter 162 “Greatest Hero” (2022), Shueisha. Words by ONE, art by Yusuke Murata.

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