There is more bad news to share about the exit of Henry Cavill and it affects his appearance in The Flash, which was supposed to be his second DC film after Black Adam. And that’s not all: Gal Gadot and her uncertain future as Wonder Woman is caught up in this as well, according to a new report.

Superman (Henry Cavill) introduces himself to Black Adam (Dwayne Johnson) in Black Adam (2022), Warner Bros. Pictures

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The Hollywood Reporter reveals both of their cameos in the film have been cut, giving Flash less of a connection to the broader and former DCEU. They write, “[James] Gunn and [Peter] Safran are mounting a substantial overhaul of DC… that will cut significant, if not most, ties to the previous regimes that handled DC movies for Warner Bros.”

Their coverage continues, “Cavill also shot a cameo in The Flash, one of four DC movies set to release in 2023, but sources say that cameo, along with that of Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman, is now being cut given that the studio chose to not go forward with director Patty Jenkins’ version of Wonder Woman 3.”

Diana mourns Steve

Diana mourns Steve’s death in Wonder Woman (2017), Warner Bros. Pictures

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Gunn and Safran are moving quickly with their plans and, knowing what they want, are starting early. Sadly, their desires include moving past the last decade’s status quo, which leaves no room for the actors we are used to. The fact that the Superman in the movie Gunn is writing is intended to be younger leaves no doubt.

According to Gunn, his script won’t be an origin story and the Man of Steel won’t be “meeting the major characters for the first time.” Clark is also described as “merely younger” which means younger than Cavill, too young for him to play. That’s odd considering the actor still looks good enough in the role to play it for a few more years.

The Suicide Squad’s James Gunn on big blockbusters and soundtrack gold via BBC Radio 1, YouTube

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The same is true for Gadot despite the poor commercial reception to Wonder Woman 1984 and the general dour opinion of the film. Ultimately, however, the reason she is cut has more to do with Patty Jenkins “walking away” from part 3 as her story goes – contradicted as it is by rumors that Jenkins is hard to work with and was let go.

There is a remote possibility for the two to reappear in the DCU playing other parts. As Gunn claimed, Cavill might: “we just had a great meeting with Henry and we’re big fans and we talked about a number of exciting possibilities to work together in the future.” What those “exciting possibilities” are is anybody’s guess.

Ezra Miller Flash in Zack Snyder’s Justice League (2021), HBO Max

Equally mysterious is the nature of the Flash cameos. Speculation ranged from a third-act surprise to recycled footage. Test screenings supposedly showed Superman in a post-credit scene but, more recently, there have been reports they – or just Supes – would appear to Barry in the Speed Force. But no matter, all that is out the window, and The Flash’s reset is already a done deal.

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