Marvel Comics To Seemingly Change Adam Warlock’s Origin, Introduce Eve Warlock Who Is “Stronger, Faster, And Smarter”

Warlock Rebirth Cover (2023), Marvel Comics

Marvel Comics announced that they will seemingly change Adam Warlock’s origin in an upcoming solo series titled Warlock: Rebirth.

Warlock: Rebirth interior art (2023), Marvel Comics

For those who are unfamiliar with Adam Warlock’s origin, the character was first introduced in Fantastic Four #66. In that first appearance it’s revealed he is the creation of a group of human scientists operating out of a place called the Citadel of Science.

This group’s aim was to create a new race or breed of living beings that they could control in order to conquer mankind. Their initial results were a success with the creation of Him, who would later be known as Adam Warlock. However, the scientists failed to implement their control mechanisms and contain the sheer power invested in Adam Warlock.

Fantastic Four #67, (1967), Marvel Comics

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Warlock revolts against his creators after knowing about their evil intentions. He then harnesses enough energy to leave the planet earth and by doing so he destroys the Citadel of Science and the scientists that built it.

Adam Warlock destroys the Citadel of Science in Fantastic Four #67, (1967), Marvel Comics

After leaving earth, Warlock would eventually get caught in The Watcher’s space trap and return to the cocoon, which gave him life. The Watcher would return him to earth where he would face off against in Thor in Thor #165. 

Upon awaking on earth, Warlock encounters Thor, Sif, and Baldr. He notes that he is lonely and wishes to find a mate and chooses Sif. A battle breaks out when Warlock sends both Thor and Baldr flying while declaring, “Sif must be mine! There are none who oppose me!” 

Thor battles Him (Adam Warlock) over Sif in Thor #165 (1969), Marvel Comics

Thor would eventually gain the upper hand on Warlock by tapping into Warrior Madness. The increased fury would force Warlock to return to his cocoon and shoot off into space leaving Sif behind.

Adam Warlock flees Thor in Thor #166 (1969), Marvel Comics

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Warlock would drift through space, eventually running into the High Evolutionary. After the High Evolutionary’s plan to create Counter-Earth is usurped by his previous creation, Man-Beast, Warlock volunteers to serve the humans that the High Evolutionary created in order to prevent the High Evolutionary from destroying the entirety of Counter-Earth.

Warlock’s choice was made because he saw the goodness in the creations of the High Evolutionary. The High Evolutionary not only acquiesced, but provided Warlock with the Soul Gem before he sent him down to Counter-Earth.

Marvel Premiere #1 (1972), Marvel Comics

In a blog post providing details about the new series, Marvel noted that the series from Ron Marz and Ron Lim “will reveal a never-before-seen chapter of Adam Warlock fascinating origin.”

This never-before-seen chapter will introduce a character named Eve Warlock who is described as “someone stronger faster, and smarter than Adam himself!” On top of being superior to Adam Warlock in what appears to be every way, she will also “strip Adam of all his power, starting with the Soul Gem.”

Warlock: Rebirth interior art (2023), Marvel Comics

Interestingly, this isn’t the first time Marvel Comics has done something like this. Back in The Incredible Hulk Annual #6, it is revealed that Warlock didn’t actually kill the scientists rather they were banished to another dimension, survived, and continued their mission by creating a new being.

The scientists recruit Doctor Strange for their project to perform a neurological procedure that will bring this new being under their control unlike their failed attempt with Adam Warlock. The procedure proceeds as Morlak and his fellow scientists wanted and a new cocoon gives birth to a being called Paragon. 

After an epic battle with Doctor Strange and the Hulk, who was on the hunt for Doctor Strange, Paragon reveals he had previously learned about Warlock and knew of the scientists evil intentions. He found a way to subvert their control mechanisms and transform into an energy being. He then proceeds to destroy the base known as the Beehive before retreating back to his cocoon.

The Incredible Hulk Annual #6 (1977), Marvel Comics

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The cocoon would eventually be discovered in New York City and dragged out of the water. Upon being dragged out of the water an energy being bursts forth and proceeds to locate The Thing and Alicia Masters. 

Upon locating the duo, who were enjoying some adult beverages by candlelight, the being reveals itself to be Her. 

Marvel Two-In-One #61 (1979), Marvel Comics

Her then explains that she realized that her purpose is to mate with Adam Warlock in order “to create the perfect race.” Her also explains the reason for transforming her physical appearance, “To that end, I have altered my form to be his physical counterpart.”

Her reveals her primary mission in Marvel Two-In-One #61 (1979), Marvel Comics

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Her would eventually travel with Moondragon, Alicia Masters, and Ben Grimm to Counter-Earth where she discovers the grave of Adam Warlock, using her abilities she’s able to resurrect Warlock’s physical form, but fails to have returned his soul to his body.

Her resurrects Adam Warlock in Marvel Two-In-One #63 (1980)

The character would take on a number of names throughout Marvel’s history including Ayesha and most recently Kismet. It’s unclear if Her will be revealed to be Eve Warlock or if Eve Warlock is a completely new character that will change Adam Warlock’s origin.

One assumes these questions will be answers in Warlock: Rebirth’s first issue, which is expected to debut in April. One thing does appear to be clear is that the character will have some kind of relationship with the High Evolutionary as he is depicted in the interior art.

Warlock: Rebirth interior art (2023), Marvel Comics

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