Legendary Comics Crowdfunding Graphic Novel Adaptation Of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein Starring Boris Karloff And Using Actor’s Likeness

Frankenstein's creation returns
Frankenstein's creation returns to haunt him in Mary Shelley's Frankenstein Starring Boris Karloff, art by El Garing and Kerry Gammill

Legendary Comics, the publishing arm of Legendary Pictures, is bringing to life a graphic novel adaptation of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein that for the first time in print uses the likeness of the man who originally brought Frankenstein’s Monster to the screen, Boris Karloff, for the creature. There is a catch, though: they need your help.

Creature finds the bride-Karloff's Frankenstein

The creature finds the bride in Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein Starring Boris Karloff, art by El Garing and Kerry Gammill

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The project is called Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein Starring Boris Karloff and it’s being funded by a Kickstarter campaign that sweetens the deal by placing the book in a “double bill” with the 2020 Rondo Award-winning work Bram Stoker’s Dracula Starring Bela Lugosi. Like the former, the Dracula re-imagining uses the image of Lugosi as The Count.

The two come together in a one-time offer as an exclusive perk for backers and this two-pack is a momentous occasion as it’s the re-release of the Dracula graphic novel after a three-year hiatus. Made in conjunction with the Lugosi estate and cooperation from Lugosi Enterprises, LLC, the same shall be the case for Frankenstein Starring Karloff.

I Am Dracula-Lugosi graphic novel

Dracula announces himself in Bram Stoker’s Dracula Starring Bela Lugosi, art by El Garing and Kerry Gammill

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The actor’s only daughter Sara Karloff acts as an executive consultant while Dracula artists and designers Kerry Gammill, Richard Starkings, and El Garing reunite to put Boris Karloff back posthumously into the role that made him famous. A “faithful adaptation,” the graphic novel comes in at 120 pages, complemented by Dracula’s 200 pages of terror.

Legendary has already reached 98 percent of its $75,000 goal with almost 1000 backers.

Frankenstein Monster Awakes

Frankenstein Monster awakens with Karloff’s face in Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein Starring Boris Karloff, art by El Garing and Kerry Gammill

Bram Stoker’s Dracula starring the likeness of Bela Lugosi was so well received, the natural next step was to team with Sara Karloff and Karloff Enterprises to bring an all-new vision of the creature to life featuring the iconic face of actor Boris Karloff,” said Robert Napton. Napton is the Senior Vice President of Comics at Legendary and issued a statement that was picked up by Bloody Disgusting.

Interviewed for the Kickstarter campaign, Sara Karloff adds, “My introduction to Legendary Comics was their fantastic work on the Dracula graphic novel. When they approached me to do one with my father as…Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, I thought it couldn’t happen soon enough.”

The campaign began on March 1st and runs until the end of the month. It should have no problem reaching its financial goal and a copy can be yours but you better act fast. Backer reward tiers start at $20 for both stories in PDF format and for $99, backers get physical copies in a coffin display box plus PDFs and more.

Villagers chase creature with torches

Villagers chase creature in Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein Starring Boris Karloff, art by El Garing and Kerry Gammill

Do you plan on grabbing these graphic novels?

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