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Lisa Frankenstein wants dead guy
February 20, 2024
In our written review, find out if Lisa Frankenstein is worth seeing or if you should save a buck and leave the dead buried.
Bella (Emma Stone) contemplates more in Poor Things (2023), Searchlight Pictures
January 4, 2024
Emma Stone is the ‘modern female’ – sexually liberated and a giant child – in the wannabe award contender, Poor Things. Read our review.
November 17, 2023
The newest adaptation of Frankenstein is coming from the mind of auteur Guillermo del Toro and streaming giant Netflix.
November 12, 2023
Creature Commandos concept art is redacted, but still offers a first look at the Frankenstein Monster and his Bride.
October 11, 2023
Director Guillermo del Toro known for Pacific Rim and Pan’s Labyrinth recently provided an update on his upcoming Frankenstein film.
Frankenstein's creation returns
March 14, 2023
Inspired by a similar work featuring Lugosi’s Dracula, Legendary Comics is launching Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein Starring Boris Karloff.
November 4, 2020
Guillermo Del Toro almost made a Frankenstein reboot, revealed Doug Jones in an interview, comparing the design to Swamp Thing comics.
October 26, 2018
Frankenstein Alive, Alive! Is one of those rare instances where writer Steve Niles and artist Bernie Wrightson click together to make synergistic magic.