Leaked Concept Art Suggests James Gunn Will Take Unique Stylistic Direction With ‘Creature Commandos’

Weird War Tales Vol. 1 Issue #97 "The Faceless Enemy!" (1981), DC Comics. Words by J.M. DeMatteis. Art by Fred Carrillo and Adrienne Roy

Creature Commandos is one of the DCU’s many mysteries. Though it’s not as far off as Superman: Legacy, we don’t know much about it beyond its cast of characters. Leading this cast and the team are Eric, in other words Frankenstein’s Monster, and his Bride. The comics give us an idea of how the couple and the rest will look, but the cartoon might differ.

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Concept art by Meryl Franck that leaked online may indicate James Gunn is going in a unique direction stylistically. Sadly, the art was hit with a copyright strike so you can’t judge for yourself. However, from ComicBookMovie, we gather there is going to be emphasis on the courtship between the Bride and the Monster.

One piece shows him giving her flowers while the others show off alternate designs which are described as “killer.” The Bride, for example, might have four arms. To anyone who read Fankenstein and the Agents of SHADE, that’s not a new idea, but it will be to most who see the Commandos for the first time on the small screen.

Frankenstein Shade
Cover of Frankenstein and the Agents of SHADE #2 by Jeff Lemire and DC Comics

There is a small chance Franck’s concept drawings are preliminary and will go unused, but it seems Gunn will try to bring the comics to greater life in his adaptation. This is a firm departure from the Marvel way, which usually entails lifting liberally from the source material when adapting for film and TV. Moreover, Marvel doesn’t connect their continuity across media.

That is one change we are expecting when the DCU enters full swing, which won’t occur until 2025. Superman: Legacy is the designated start of the new shared universe whereas Creature Commandos will serve as a window into its beginnings. The series stars Indira Varma as the Bride of Frankenstein and David Harbour as Eric Frankenstein.

Alexis Louder and David Harbour as Linda and Santa Claus in, “Violent Night.” Directed by Tommy Wirkola. Photo courtesy of Universal Pictures. © Universal. All Rights Reserved.

Harbour remarked enthusiastically in a Collider interview on his role and the Commandos. “I feel like it’s this new world where they don’t lock you in anymore. I feel like Marvel learned that lesson as well. If you don’t want to do it, I don’t think they’re gonna make you do 20 movies,” he said.

“But I think it’s something where I just love these worlds so much that it’s a joy to do and a joy to work with someone so creative. So, if they want me to do eight to 10 years of this, I feel like I’ll check my schedule, but I’ll try to free up some time,” he continued.

Weird War Tales Vol. 1 Issue #108 “G.I. Robot: ‘Robots Don’t Have Hearts!'” (1982), DC Comics. Words by Robert Kanigher. Art by Pat Broderick, John Beatty, and Bob LeRose

The Creature Commandos are still scheduled to be let loose sometime in 2024.

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