Leaked Descriptions Of ‘Superman: Legacy’ Concept Art Allegedly Provides Details For Brainiac, Jor-El, Jimmy Olsen, And A Supersuit with Tights

Clark Kent (Henry Cavill) seeks for guidance at church in Man of Steel (2013), Warner Bros. Pictures

There have been a few leaks purporting to know a thing or two about Superman: Legacy, but there haven’t been many that can be considered credible. It’s the Internet. Anyone can post anything anonymously without proof or receipts and get people talking. Over time, that chatter can become gospel that has an assumed ethereal veracity, especially when it comes from X or Reddit.

Superman Returns: “The Prequels” (2006). Words by Michael Dougherty, Dan Harris, and Bryan Singer. Cover art by Adam Hughes.

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Half the time, if not more, claims get debunked and forgotten though this doesn’t always happen wholesale. Occasionally, the bulk of a rumor gets thrown out while a nugget of truth remains. We have to wait and see if this new set of rumors we heard about bears a nugget or two of truth, but Reddit mods vouch for their quality.

User wholikesanimations says they have seen some Superman: Legacy concept art up close, and there was a lot to unpack regarding possible characters and castings for the film. “I’ve seen and personally worked on some concept art since we last spoke.” wholikesanimations said. What they’ve seen includes Jor-El, Jimmy Olsen, and the villain Brainiac.

Superman Vol. 2 #53 “Truth, Justice, and the American Way” (1991), DC Comics. Cover art by Jerry Ordway

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“Jor-El. He’s drawn as being tall, and I mean REALLY tall. Like, above 7 feet at least. His costume is sort of a mix between armor and fabric, with the armor bits being like a baby blue and the fabric being a crystal-y white,” the user explains. “He has a blue House of El crest on his chest which glows, kind of like an LED.”

The post then teases an idea James Gunn might have for who he wants to play Superman’s dad. “And here’s the fun part,” it says. “Take this with a grain of salt, as a ton of concept art uses random actors’ faces on characters, but the specific art I’ve seen features Kurt Russell’s face on Jor-El. Which would be great casting IMHO.”

Ego (Kurt Russel) tries to talk down Peter Quill (Chris Pratt) in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 (2017), Marvel Entertainment

Next, a “fun” Brainiac tease is offered. He is rumored, though unconfirmed, for Legacy but wholikesanimations says, “I’ve seen concept art for what appears to be a Brainiac Drone. Now, this doesn’t outright confirm that Brainiac is in the movie, but he at least has some sort of presence. The drone’s appearance is nothing of note, just a generic gray robot with green highlights.”

Brainiac and Kurt Russell are in question, but Jimmy Olsen might not be. “Basically the same as I’ve said before, but now interestingly with Skyler Gisondo’s face added into the art. Like I said, we use actors’ likenesses for a ton of concept work, but I’m inclined to believe [that] Skyler is actually Jimmy here due to everything we’ve heard,” the leak says.

Screenshot - Brainiac on Krypton

Brainiac in Krypton Episode 9, “Hope,” via SYFY and Warner Bros. Television

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But who is Skyler Gisondo? A former child actor with small roles over the years in sitcoms like Everybody Loves Raymond and Monk, he is known today for his breakout roles in Licorice Pizza and Santa Clarita Diet. He also had blink-and-you’ll-miss-him roles in Rob Zombie’s Halloween and The Amazing Spider-Man. Like David Corenswet, Superman could really put him on the map.

Speaking of Corenswet, the leak has some insight into what the newcomer’s costume might look like. James Gunn supposedly wants to get it right, which could mean the red trunks make a comeback. “There’s been concept art done for most Superman suits. Fleischer, Rebirth, the Classic, etc. Gunn really just wants to find the perfect suit to use for the movie,” wholikesanimations said.

Mia Goth as Pearl and David Corenswet as Projectionist in Pearl (2022), A24

“There is concept art of Superman both with and without trunks. I’m assuming the decision of whether he’ll have trunks or not will be dependent on how it looks in the actual costume tests,” the post continued.

The mods are “more confident in this source’s quality” after “independently corroborating details with this user.” But, “due to the limited scope of their claims so far, none have been officially confirmed yet.”

You can see the alleged leaked information here:

Alleged details regarding Superman: Legacy concept art via DCEULeaks subreddit

What do you make of this alleged scoop?

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