DC Comics Writer Mags Visaggio Reveals Rejected Pitch For ‘Superboy’ Series Featuring A Transgender Conner Kent

Young Justice Vol. 3 Issue #1 Seven Crises (2019), DC Comics. Words by Brian Michael Bendis. Art by Patrick Gleason and Alejandro Sanchez. Variant cover by Jorge Jimenez

DC Comics writer Brian Visaggio — better known by his online pseudonym ‘Mags’ — has come up with some of the worst takes in all of comics Twitter, after a failed career based solely on trans-identity politics. This week, Brian posted his treatment for a proposed Superboy storyline in which Conner Kent is turned into a transgender woman.

Adventures of Superman Vol 1 Issue #501 “The Adventures of Superman… When He Was A Boy!” (1993), DC Comics. Words by Karl Kessel. Art by Tom Grummett, Doug Hazlewood, and Glenn Whitmore.

Visaggio came to prominence several years ago with a book titled Vagrant Queen, mostly gaining fame because the YouTube channel Diversity & Comics would criticize his work and his woke, hot takes on Twitter. Over the years, Visaggio has failed to get much further in his career after the SyFy adaptation flopped with poor ratings resulting in it getting canceled after one season.

@MagsVisaggs shares Connie Kent concept art via X

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Since then, Visaggio has not had much work from the mainstream comic industry. With readers and fans showing greater disinterest in identity politics pushes than before, Visaggio has not been able to rely on talent to create a career. In recent years, the writer appears to be more prolific at e-begging rather than writing.

The need to find real employment hasn’t stopped Visaggio from using his trans identity politics as a crutch for pitching comics. On Monday, he posted his pitch to DC Comics to turn Conner Kent/Superboy into a trans girl, stating on X, “Since it’s never going to happen, yes, I was going to make Conner Kent a trans girl. I give you SKYROCKET, my master plan for a story that will never happen.”

@MagsVisaggs shares pitch for transgender Superboy via X

With his statement, Visaggio appears to be aware that his pitch is far too cringe-worthy and ridiculous to be made into a DC Comic. He also falsely refers to the character of Conner Kent as a “she” in subsequent follow-up posts, even though the character has been clearly defined as a male.

@MagsVisaggs shares pitch for transgender Superboy via X

In the pitch, posted as a Dropbox link to a PDF, Visaggio outlines a 12-24 issue series for Superboy which starts like a regular action comic that harkens back to Superboy’s science fiction adventures with the Legion of Superheroes, but as it continues along, Superboy is faced with an identity crisis where he feels like he isn’t a real person because of the fact he’s a clone of Kal-El.

The storyline eventually forces him to become Superman, to which Visaggio pleads DC make a Superman family line-wide event to highlight his story before Conner Kent gets a magic rod, enters a chamber, and comes out the other side a real woman.

Adventures of Superman Vol 1 Issue #500 “First Sighting – Superboy” (1993), DC Comics. Words by Jerry Ordway. Art by Tom Grummett, Doug Hazlewood, and Glenn Whitmore

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This bait-and-switch is where the whole storyline goes off the rails and becomes a self-insert to, where Visaggio appears to wish it was him represented in Superboy rather than keeping the character in line with Conner Kent’s past history.

“And look. Conner already dresses like a lesbian. The leather jacket, the side buzz, c’mon,” Visaggio says in the pitch to try to convince a DC editor this terrible idea would be a good one. He proceeds to state why changing Superboy into a trans character would somehow be beneficial for sales, even though the reality is it would likely tank sales of the Superman line, much like the Jonathan Kent homosexuality story has turned off fans under Tom Taylor’s run.

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This generation of comic writers has been infiltrated by mentally ill people who are desperate to see themselves as thinly veiled self-inserts, resulting in terrible reader experiences and declining sales across the board.

Even though Visaggio says this would never happen, it’s only a matter of time before DC Comics decides to do something similar with its beloved characters, as they keep pushing the woke identity politics to new lows across the line.

Adventures of Superman Vol 1 Issue #501 “The Adventures of Superman… When He Was A Boy!” (1993), DC Comics. Words by Karl Kessel. Art by Tom Grummett, Doug Hazlewood, and Glenn Whitmore.

What do you think of Brian Visaggio’s trans woman Superboy? Let us know.

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