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Jon Del Arroz is the leading Hispanic voice in science fiction, a #1 bestselling author and an award winning commentator. He is a contributor to PJ Media and his books are available on Amazon.

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Alphacore #1 | Official Animated Trailer | Rippaverse Studios via Rippaverse, YouTube
November 21, 2023
The Rippaverse has another huge success in Alphacore by Chuck Dixon and Joe Bennett, making Eric July a real threat to Marvel and DC.
Injustice: Gods Among Us #35 (2013), DC
November 13, 2023
Comicstorian has been a staple of casual Marvel and DC Comics fans for years, but as the MCU loses money, so does the YouTube channel.
Mark Millar Interview via ShortList, YouTube
November 11, 2023
Marvel and DC have been in a massive decline over the last year, but Mark Millar has ideas to save mainstream comics from itself.
Alphacore Poster
November 8, 2023
Eric july’s new book with Chuck Dixon and Joe Bennett launched to massive sales on Monday, marking another Rippaverse win.
Isom #1 (2022), Rippaverse
November 7, 2023
Comic Writer Mark Millar voiced his approval of Isom by Eric July ahead of the launch of the much anticipated Alphacore by Chuck Dixon and Joe Bennett.
Life Choices: The Gift (2023), Voyage Comics
November 6, 2023
In conjunction with LifeCanada, Voyage Comics released a beautiful 40-page comic with an unabashed pro-life message in Life Choices: The Gift.