Zack Snyder’s New ‘Rebel Moon’ Comic Writer Demands Castration Of Fan In Bizarre Trans Ideology Rant

Rebel Moon: House of the Bloodaxe #1 Cover B by Rafael Albequerque (2024), Titan Comics

On October 20th, Zack Snyder announced his hiring of the controversial Brian Visaggio who goes by the pseudonym “Mags” to write a prequel comic to his upcoming Rebel Moon storyline. This book is set to be published by Titan Comics and comes amid a long string of questionable online behavior by Visaggio, culminating in a Tweet that violated X’s terms of service because of its graphically violent nature.

REBEL MOON: (L-R) Director/writer/producer Zack Snyder , Michiel Huisman as Gunnar and Sofia Boutella as Kora on the set of Rebel Moon. Cr. Clay Enos/Netflix © 2023

The embattled comic writer is known for making extreme and violent threats online, in one rant urging transgender activists to commit violence tweeting, “F*** your bull**** get ready for a baseball bat to the teeth.”

Visaggio on X

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Many fans are concerned about the job Visaggio will do on the Rebel Moon comic project because of Brian’s outbursts, poorly regarded past work, and because of the writer’s focus on extreme transgender identity politics which has permeated everything Visaggio has done over the last few years.

Recently, Visaggio posted a treatment for a script for Superboy where Conner Kent transitions genders and becomes Connie Kent to force a transgender character into the Superman family. This announcement was met with fan backlash against the attempt to destroy the Superboy character.

Visaggio on X

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Fans became nervous with the Zack Snyder announcement, where Visaggio allegedly met with Snyder to pitch ideas for the Rebel Moon universe and learn about continuity. Visaggio says the story is out of his comfort zone for storytelling, which he elaborates is generally based on “zany gay antics and debilitating trauma,” which most fans are not looking for out of the Rebel Moon property.

Visaggio on X

Visaggio has spent a good amount of time taunting fans since just before the announcement, teasing that there would be something coming to make people upset and then making several posts about Snyder fans like it was a dunk on them for getting hired. The situation escalated into a fight with a fan which resulted in Visaggio becoming completely unhinged.

In one exchange, Visaggio began attacking God, arguing with a fan saying “your god is not welcome here.” He took the over-the-line attack a step further, saying “f***ing piece of s*** god acting like he’s the only one.”

Visaggio on X

Why Zack Snyder would hire someone who clearly hates the Christian populace is unclear. So far, when asked about Visaggio’s online outbursts and shown evidence about the writer’s bad antics, Snyder has made no comment.

The most bizarre and egregious tweet came from an exchange where Visaggio seemed to get agitated at a concerned fan. Vissagio tweeted, “Yeah I knew you were a little b****. Cut your d*** off, coward.”

Visaggio on X

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This threat of dismemberment was deemed to be against X’s terms of service when it was reported, which removed the post from the platform.

Visaggio’s behavior has been a pattern of erratic attacks on fans, which makes him an odd choice to helm the first tie-in properties to Zack Snyder’s new science fiction universe. Having him on the comic prequel can only alienate fans, and with Visaggio admitting his work generally is not in his wheelhouse, there doesn’t seem to be a storytelling reason for the hire.

This bodes ill for the Rebel Moon franchise which appears to be using virtue signaling diversity hires for their work before the film even is released.

Rebel Moon: House of the Bloodaxe #1 Cover C by Baldemar RIvas (2024), Titan Comics

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