Mark Millar Endorses Eric July’s Isom, Says He “Loved” The Books

Isom #1 (2022), Rippaverse

Eric July scored a massive P.R. win as he received accolades from one of the most popular writers in the modern age of comics, Mark Millar.

Eric July via YoungRippa59 YouTube

On social media website X, Millar posted he received copies of both Isom #1 and #2 and read both of them, also signaling that he enjoyed the books.

“Eric July kindly sent me the first 2 issues of his ISOM series this week and I loved them. Hard to believe this is the guy’s first venture into comics. Really well put together. I also love to see a guy doing his own thing. Well done to him!” Millar posted.

Mark Millar on X

The post created an uproar of comments in the Big Game creator’s feed, with Rippaverse fans chiming in to voice their approval, as well as dozens of creators asking for Millar to read their books.

Big Game #1 (2023), Image Comics

Several YouTube personalities also joined in the discussion to voice their approval.

“Eric is the man!” said Nerdrotic, one of the leading voices in pop culture commentary.

Nerdrotic on X

“Eric is a legend!!” YouTuber Heel vs Babyface posted, who recently came to internet prominence with his famous “f***ing pronouns” rant on the Starfield video game.

“Eric is awesome,” echoed Nina Infinity, a popular member of the Geeks and Gamers cast.

July replied to Millar’s approval of Isom with a cordial comment of his own, “Big shout out to you, and I’m glad you enjoyed!”

Eric July on X

This acceptance of July into the fold by such a highly regarded writer is excellent timing for the expansion of the Rippaverse occurring this week with the launch of Alphacore #1.

Alphacore #1 (2023), Rippaverse Comics

July made a deft move with his comics empire in hiring two legends of the industry, Chuck Dixon and Joe Bennett, to work on the property, which Dixon promotes as a police procedural for superhero matters. An animated trailer dropped earlier this week to promote the project and show off the creation that Dixon and Bennett expanded upon from the pages of Isom.

Alphacore released as a new campaign on on November 6, 2023, with early access given to fans who signed up for July’s new membership program he unveiled last week.

Bryan Solari takes on a criminal in an Alphacore #1 splash page by Joe Bennett (2023), Rippaverse Comics

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Buzz has been off the charts for this addition to the Rippaverse, with the talent level of Dixon and Bennett being greater than anything produced by Marvel and DC Comics for years. In addition, both men are stalwart culture warriors who major companies have blacklisted.

Dixon was among the first to be pushed from the comic industry because of his well-known conservative politics. Bennett’s blacklisting came more recently, as Marvel swept him under the rug even during a famous run on The Immortal Hulk because of his support of Brazillian President Jair Bolsonaro.

Bryan Solari, Ingrid Valdez, and Jeramya Braxwell in Isom #1 (2022) Rippaverse Comics

With such a high-profile team involved and now an endorsement from another great in Mark Millar, hopes are high that Alphacore will be another success for the Rippaverse.

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