Eric July Rocks The Comic World Again With ‘Alphacore’ Success

Alphacore Poster

Eric July launched another incredible win with Alphacore #1. The graphic novel by heavy-hitting industry veterans Chuck Dixon and Joe Bennett launched on Monday with a complete revamp of the Rippaverse website, providing a waiting room queue for when people enter the campaign pages to prevent the site-crashing overload July endured on the first two Isom campaigns.

The strategy worked, providing a smooth customer experience for the first two days of the campaign, where the site stayed up, and the Alphacore book was simple to purchase. 

The campaign has garnered nearly 7,000 unique backers, with over 13,000 books sold between the four covers, totaling over $780,000. This is on par with the numbers Isom #2 was doing upon its launch earlier this year, where the campaign reached $960,000 in its first 48 hours.

Even though the dollar amount of Alphacore #1 is slightly lower than what was raised for Isom #2, there are reasons for it, which don’t have to do with fewer books being purchased. First, the Isom #2 had a graded and slabbed cover option at $100, which Alphacore doesn’t have, with its foil cover being half the price.

Second, the regular covers are all at a price point less than Isom #2 at $28 instead of $35, with a shipping option lower by $2, saving customers $9 per book compared to the previous campaign. 

Alphacore #1 (2023), Rippaverse Comics

The difference with the lower price point easily makes up about $100,000 of the differential of the backing between the two campaigns. 

With numbers being steady, it comes as a relief to the Rippaverse team, who July posts were “on edge” before release. He elaborated in a post on the topic, stating, “Alphacore is a new property and the first non-Isom book. It’s nearly impossible to guess just how well it’ll do.”

Eric July on X

Not only was it a new property, but it marks the first Rippaverse book to not have Eric July’s name on it as the writer. Fans were speculating for months how well a book would do without his direct contribution to the project, and customers answered with a resounding amount of faith in the direction of the Rippaverse. 

Bryan Solari takes on a criminal in an Alphacore #1 splash page by Joe Bennett (2023), Rippaverse Comics

 “Joe Bennett and I are so pleased with the reception Alphacore is receiving! The votes are in for good comics!” The Legend Chuck Dixon said about the launch. He teased something to come in the future, saying, “And Joe and I aren’t done! We’re working on a second project for the Rippaverse! A new character we created!”

With the massive sales numbers and hype surrounding Alphacore, fans will be excited to hear that this A-List creative team will return for another Rippaverse project with an original character on top of it.

Eric July has landed another home run success, and the future is only looking bright for this parallel economy-driven company as it grows closer to being a truly dangerous competitor with Marvel and DC Comics.

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