IndieGoGo Shadowbans Aaron Lopresti’s ‘Kit Carter: Planet Doom’ Graphic Novel

Kit Carter: Planet Doom (2024), Empire Comics

This week, fan-favorite artist Aaron Lopresti launched his Kit Carter: Planet Doom graphic novel on IndieGoGo, which has already shadowbanned the campaign from its search functions after one day of being live.

IndieGoGo has been egregious about shadowbanning books worked on by people who use the #ComicsGate hashtag on X, attacking campaigns even by people who are highly reputable industry veterans like Aaron Lopresti.

Kit Carter: Planet Doom softcover edition cover by Chris Stevens

He is known for being a nice guy in the industry, with even people who oppose him politically noting his professionalism. Online, his YouTube content mostly consists of reminiscing about his time in the industry and about classic comics he loves, making him one of the most non-controversial figures in comics. IndieGoGo has not elaborated as to why they shadowbanned the book.

Lopresti posted about the shadowban on Facebook, “If you would like to get in on the action and back Kit Carter: Planet Doom, you have to use the direct link as I am suddenly not appearing in the search……Hmmm.”

Aaron Lopresti Facebook

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Fresh off the heels of two wildly successful campaigns with Wraith of God and Wraith of God: Bloodhunters, which made over $300,000 combined with more than 5,000 total backers, Lopresti decided to flex his artistic muscles by venturing into the realm of science fiction.

Kit Carter pin-up art for the exclusive hardcover edition by Aaron Lopresti.

Kit Carter has been a character Lopresti has been drawing in backup strips and in sketches for years, often using the character on banners at different conventions, but this marks his first venture into a full graphic novel for the character.

Lopresti is no stranger to drawing beautiful female lead characters, famous as being one of Wonder Woman’s best artists, drawing much of the wildly popular run by Gail Simone during the New 52 era. He’s also drawn beautiful science fiction leads before as the cover artist for the smash-hit OVERMIND in 2022, where he drew the character Ayla Rin in a dynamic sci-fi combat situation.

OVERMIND Cover by Aaron Lopresti

The book is pitched on IndieGoGo as:

Kit Carter is an elite ranger in the Galactic Alliance Freedom Force (GAFF) and along with her partner, Merv the Astro Chimp, she polices the galaxy bringing the most dangerous villains and tyrants to justice. Lord Menace is the Tyrant King of a dying, monster infested planet, code named Planet Doom. In a dangerous and desperate move, he acquires the Eye of Ominon and employs its unmatched power to rejuvenate his planet and create forces to conquer the galaxy. Kit and Merv are dispatched to stop him, but is this the one adversary that even they can’t handle? Find out in this irreverent, space adventure inspired by 1950’s sci-fi B movies!

Kit Carter: Planet Doom (2024), Empire Comics

Kit Carter: Planet Doom is slated to be 64 pages, available in softcover and hardcover editions with different covers, and the campaign also includes a separate sketchbook of Lopresti’s work on the character outside of the main comic.

When asked about the project, Lopresti told Bounding Into Comics, “I am so charged to produce the Kit Carter: Planet Doom graphic novel. It harkens back to the formula that made comics great, high concept excitement and fun!”

Even with the shadowbanning, Kit Carter: Planet Doom has raised more than $45,000 as of this writing. You can back the project on IndieGoGo here.

Kit Carter: Planet Doom (2024), Empire Comics

Do you plan on checking out Kit Carter: Planet Doom?

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