Billy Tucci Reveals ‘Shi #1 30th Anniversary Original Art Edition’, IndieGoGo Campaign To Launch Next Week

Shi: Poisoned Paradise Vol. 1 Issue #0 (2017), Avatar Press. Words by Billy Tucci and J.C. Vaughn. Art by Karl Waller.

Shi has been one of independent comics most beloved properties, and it’s hard to believe the samurai-themed superhero is turning 30 this year. To commemorate the release of the first issue, there is a brand new Shi #1 30th Anniversary Original Art Edition — with funding on IndieGoGo starting soon.

Preview art of the Shi #1 30th Anniversary Original Art Edition by Billy Tucci,

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Creator Billy Tucci has put in so much work to maintain this beloved property, stewarding his characters with follow-ups that have kept fans excited to back his books for three decades.

Shi is a descendant of sohei warriors born to a traditional Japanese father and a Christian American mother. She must reconcile her Eastern culture with the tenets of Christianity as she becomes a hero, making for a rich characterization that’s refreshing to read against most of the dark anti-heroes created over the last few decades.

Shi: Ju-Nen Vol. 1 Issue #1 (2004), Dark Horse Comics. Words by Billy Tucci. Art by Brett Smith.

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The word shi means death, and the character becomes obsessed with the revenge of those who killed her father, evildoers in the Yakuza who, in turn, send assassins after her. Tucci plays with the yin and yang aspects of Asian culture and the concept of balance as she is forced to reconcile her Christian upbringing with her pursuits of martial revenge.

Over the last few years, Tucci has kept readers engaged by releasing a highly successful Shi Omnibus volume 1 via crowdfund, following up with the Shi Senryaku Omnibus, which is still available on IndieGoGo. These omnibus collections presented the work with oversized art in beautiful high-end hardcover editions, some of the best-looking hardcover omnibuses on the market.

These campaigns have made hundreds of thousands of dollars in sales, rekindling interest in the Shi property for a new generation of fandom.

Shi: Heaven and Earth Vol. 1 Issue #1 (1997), Crusade Entertainment. Words by Billy Tucci. Art by Billy Tucci, Juan Pineda, and Mada Design Inc.

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The Tuccis have also been very active on the convention circuit, ensuring the work and art are seen by thousands of fans across America. This included setting up a large booth front and center at San Diego Comic-Con 2023, where one could often see long lines for the table to buy merchandise and autographs.

Beyond this, Billy Tucci has run a successful interview channel on YouTube, highlighting both his work and that of other independent creators, most notably interviewing fan-favorite Jeff Smith of Bone fame. During his livestream, it was revealed Smith had health problems and nearly died, accounting for his disappearance on the comic book scene.

For the Shi 30th Anniversary edition, the sign-up page notes, “The groundbreaking masterwork that literally changed the face of comics and launched the ‘Bad Girl’ revolution returns in this premium formatted, 112-page, hardcover edition featuring the never-before-published original artwork for the book that started it all, 1994’s Shi: Way of the Warrior #1!”

Tucci will also produce a 32-page Ashcan edition of #1 with original pencils called the Pencils’ Down Edition.

Preview art of the Shi #1 Pencils’ Down Ashcan Edition by Billy Tucci,

Tucci himself took to social media to reveal that the book will be launching on Black Friday, more specifically, on November 27th, on IndieGoGo for fans of the series to commemorate this special occasion.

Billy Tucci on X

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