Jon Del Arroz Launches Andrew Tate Parody Comic ‘Top Grift’ With Artist Mike S. Miller On Fund My Comic After It’s Banned From Kickstarter And IndieGoGo

Top Grift #1 Cover Art by Mike S. Miller (2023), Acktual Comics

Comic book creators Jon Del Arroz and Mike S. Miller launched a crowdfund campaign for their Andrew Tate parody comic, Top Grift, on Fund My Comic after it was banned from Kickstarter and IndieGoGo.

Top Grift #1 Cover Art by Kevin Sharp (2023), Acktual Comics

Del Arroz shared screenshots of email exchanges from both Kickstarter and IndieGoGo noting the book has been banned from both websites.

In an email from Kickstarter, the company stated, “We’ve carefully reviewed it against our rules, and we’re unable to approve it to launch.”

They added, “As a Public Benefit Corporation committed to fighting inequality and creating a more equitable world, Kickstarter disallows projects or creators that promote discrimination, subjugation, or intolerance towards marginalized groups.”

The email then recommended Del Arroz review the company’s rules and a list of prohibited items.

Kickstarter rejection email for Top Grift #1

IndieGoGo did not outright reject the campaign, but appears to have soft banned it by denying his funds receipt verification.

An email from Princess, a member of IndieGoGo’s Trust & User Operations, indicated that Del Arroz’s issue had been escalated and required “further assistance from our Payments team.”

IndieGoGo email communication indicating the issue had been escalated

However, Princess went silent and has not communicated with Del Arroz since then despite multiple attempts to see if the “issue” had been fixed.

Communication from Del Arroz’s Acktual Comics not receiving a response from IndieGoGo

Del Arroz describes the book on the campaign page, “Prepare for the first comic that will sharpen you like Iron. An Age of Iron. One might call it an Iron Age. Fight the evil that is the Matrix just like the greatest Top Grifter.”

He continues, “Learn life lessons that will make women want you, and men want to be you. This Parody Comic will change the world.”

The description concludes, “Top Grift is 20 pages of the most epic of manly man action, adventure, and pure winning by award-winning and #1 bestselling author Jon Del Arroz and DC’s Injustice artist, Mike S. Miller. Two trusted veterans of the comic book industry who are making the greatest high-T alpha adventure of all time!”

The book features a number of variant covers from Mike S. Miller, Mat Cossin, Kevin Sharp, Nerd Wonder, and Leedle.

Top Grift #1 (2023), Acktual Comics

The comic is a parody of Andrew Tate’s Top G #1 comic from DNG Comics. The first book cost $97 and according to Tate detailed his battles against the Matrix.

He said, “They don’t want you to know the truth they want you living in a mental cage, chained by a weak mindset. I became the superhero of the youth by telling the truth and teaching young men to be strong. And now I am being punished for it, in real-time. These stories reflect the harsh truths of the Matrix, how I escaped it, and what I predict they will try next.”

Top Grift #1 (2023), Acktual Comics

Along with the Top Grift parody comic, Del Arroz’s campaign also features a Top CG book written by Del Arroz.

The description states, “A 20-page epic tale of manning up against the greatest forces of evil social media has ever known. Ops are being run. Backstabbing is everywhere. And only one person is the REAL victim here — TOPCG.”

It adds, “TOPCG is a tale for the future. A parody of a parody. The parodiest of all books. You will laugh, you will love.”

The book features covers by Quaff and Felzbug.

Top CG #1 Cover art by Quaff (2023), Acktual Comics

Top Grift and Top CG are available to back for $15 each.

The campaign has currently raised $490 from 5 backers. It’s aiming to hit $1000.

Top CG #1 Cover art by Felzbug (2023), Acktual Comics

Will you be checking out Top Grift or Top CG?

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**Editor’s Note: Jon Del Arroz is a contributor to Bounding Into Comics.**