Amongst the numerous release date confirmations and trailer premieres coming out of this year’s Anime Japan expo, one of the biggest announcements was Toho Animation’s reveal that the countdown to the Forger family’s animated return has officially been activated

Spy x Family The Movie

The Forger Family in the Spy x Family The Movie illustrated by Tatsuya Endo via Twitter

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Initially having their respective covers blown back in December, both the second season of the Spy x Family anime and the Spy x Family: CODE White cinematic excursion received substantial production updates at Anime Japan courtesy of series voice actors Takuya Eguchi (CV: Lloyd Forger), Atsumi Tanezaki (CV: Anya Forger), Saori Hayami (CV; Yor Forger), and Kenichiro Matsuda (CV: Bond the Dog).

anya excited

Shueisha’s Spy x Family’s Anya excited depicted by Tatsuya Endo via Twitter

Based on an all new original story written by Spy x Family mangaka Tatsuya Endo and developed by WIT Studios and Cloverworks,  Spy x Family: CODE White will be directed by Spy x Family Season 1 anime’s assistant director  Takashi Katagiri, screenplay by Code Gease creator Ichirou Ookouchi.

Taking to the event’s Special Red Stage, the crew first unveiled the film’s latest teaser visual.

Illustrated by CODE: Whites chief animation director Kyouji Asano, the visual features a stern Lloyd Forger holding a gun, a ‘killer mode’-activated Yor Forger wielding her signature blade, and a determined Anya Forger standing side-by-side with the family dog Bond against a background depicting a plane and a train running through a snow-capped mountain.

A brief line of text included in the image reads (via DeepL), “The world’s most epic family vacation begins.”

spy x family code white

The Forger Family in Spy x Family CODE: White KV (2023), Wit Studio and Cloverworks via Twitter

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This news was then followed up by the confirmation that the series’ second season will begin airing in October 2023.

To commemorate the latest announcements, Spy x Family mangaka Tatsuya Endo produced a new illustration recreating the teaser visual in the art style of Lloyd, Yor, and Anya voice actors (a reference to the poor artistic abilities with which said VAs regularly draw teaser visuals for the anime’s individual episodes).

forger family

Shueisha’s Spy x Family Forger Family depicted by Tatsuya Endo via Twitter

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