Combat Frame XSeed Novelist Brian Niemeier Reveals How “Wokism Would Collapse Tomorrow”

Combat Frame XSeed SS (2021)

Combat Frame XSeed novelist Brian Niemeier recently revealed how “wokism would collapse tomorrow” after critiquing film producer Joseph Jake Klein’s call for more atheism.

Combat Frame XSeed (2019)

Klein posted to Twitter earlier this month writing, “Why the right-wing desperately needs more atheism. The rise of woke ideology is often considered by its opponents to be a result of religion’s decline. In the absence of the deeper meaning from traditional religions, a new ‘secular’ religion has arisen to provide it.”

Joseph Klein Twitter

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Niemeier responded writing, “Yes, Christendom must put out our house fire by spraying it with gasoline. Beware of heathens bearing unsolicited opinions.”

He then shared a screencap of Klein’s original tweet, and a chart from Forbes showing 15% of Atheists are Republicans, 69% are Democrats, and 17% are either independent, don’t lean one way, or other.

Brian Niemeier Twitter

The Combat Frame XSeed novelist went on to assert, “The truth is, you wouldn’t be seeing these gatekeeper accounts attacking Christianity if the Church wasn’t a threat to the establishment.”

He continued, “That the West’s abandonment of Christ led to the rise of Wokism is a historical fact not even atheist shills can deny. So they blame Christianity for ‘failing to stop’ the new Death Cult. Ignoring other historical facts that belie their agitprop.”

Brian Niemeier Twitter

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He then stated, “For one, Wokism already beat secular Libertarianism, too. So if anything that failed to stop the Death Cult’s ascendance is de facto ruled out, atheism is a nonstarter.”

Brian Niemeier Twitter

Next, he noted, “Second, history shows that the Church has been challenged – and sometimes almost conquered – by various heresies.

“Online atheists will admit that Wokism is a Christian heresy. The claim that *this* heresy will surely destroy the Church has no supporting evidence,” he added.

Brian Niemeier Twitter

“When asked for their plan to combat Wokism, atheist shills parrot boilerplate about ‘reason & evidence.’ But by their own admission Wokism is a cult no one reasoned its members into. You don’t deprogram cultists with charts & graphs,” he critiqued.

Brian Niemeier Twitter

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He continued hammering atheism and its answer to wokism by sharing a number of graphs from Pew Research Center showing projected changes in global population based on religious groups.

Niemeier also tweeted, “Everybody knows Wokism preys on people whose lives lack meaning; who need something to believe in. Prescribing atheism is asking cultists to trade believing in something for nothing. That’s only ever worked on a tiny minority of people & it’s shrinking faster than any faith.”

Brian Niemeier Twitter

He then declared, “Let’s cut the bullshit, shall we? When a crisis of faith leads millions to embrace a fanatical Death Cult, the movement which fostered that faith vacuum is complicit in the problem.”

Brian Niemeier Twitter

He continued, “NuAtheism was an immune disease that softened up the West for the plague of Wokism. Like all Modernist ideologies, atheism promised utopia but delivered insanity & death.”

“You don’t show up to a swordfight without a sword,” he countered. “Neither do you show up to a holy war w/o a religion. Not if you want to win.”

Brian Niemeier Twitter

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“That’s atheists’ fatal flaw. Their favorite philosopher even said the right Why can surmount any How Atheists have no Why. Ask them, & all they want is license to smoke party drugs & hire hookers But you can’t found a society on individual license. B/c it’s > the sum of its parts.”

Brian Niemeier Twitter

Finally, he concluded, “It’s not about winning some generic culture war. It’s about restoring Christendom & for His glory, not our gorging.”

“If 20% of Christians started living Christianity, Wokism would collapse tomorrow. Deny yourself, release your fear & take up your cross,” he proclaimed.

Brian Niemeier Twitter

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Niemeier’s thinking is not out of the ordinary. Archbishop José H. Gomez delivered an address to Congress of Catholics and Public Life in Madrid, Spain back on November 4, 2021.

In that address he noted, “Whatever we call these movements — “social justice,” “wokeness,” “identity politics,” “intersectionality,” “successor ideology” — they claim to offer what religion provides. They provide people with an explanation for events and conditions in the world. They offer a sense of meaning, a purpose for living, and the feeling of belonging to a community.

“Even more than that, like Christianity, these new movements tell their own ‘story of salvation,’” he added.

Cathedral Of Our Lady Of The Angels Down Town Los Angeles, California
Photo Credit: Prayitno / Thank you for (12 millions +) view from Los Angeles, USA, CC BY 2.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons

And as Niemeier asserts about atheism leading to wokism, Archbishop Gomez also said, “Today’s critical theories and ideologies are profoundly atheistic. They deny the soul, the spiritual, transcendent dimension of human nature; or they think that it is irrelevant to human happiness. They reduce what it means to be human to essentially physical qualities — the color of our skin, our sex, our notions of gender, our ethnic background, or our position in society.”

Archbishop Gomez goes on to point out, “No doubt that we can recognize in these movements certain elements of liberation theology, they seem to be coming from the same Marxist cultural vision. Also, these movements resemble some of the heresies that we find in Church history.”

Christ Crucified by Diego Velázquez 1632 Photo Credit: Diego Velázquez, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

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Like Niemeier, Archbishop Gomez explained how to combat these movements, “The world does not need a new secular religion to replace Christianity. It needs you and me to be better witnesses. Better Christians. Let us begin by forgiving, loving, sacrificing for others, putting away spiritual poisons like resentment and envy.”

He would later state, “We need to live and proclaim the Gospel as the true path to liberation from every slavery and injustice, spiritual and material. In our preaching and practice, and especially in our love for our neighbors, we need to bear witness to God’s beautiful vision of our common humanity — our common origin and common destiny in God.”

The Life of Christ Visualized #3 (1943), Standard Publishing Company

“Finally, in this hour I think the Church must be a voice for individual conscience and tolerance, and we need to promote greater humility and realism about the human condition,” he asserted. “Acknowledging our common humanity means recognizing our common frailty. The truth is that we are all sinners, people who want to do the right thing but often do not.”

“That does not mean we remain passive in the face of social injustice. Never! But we do need to insist that fraternity cannot be built through animosity or division. True religion does not seek to harm or humiliate, to ruin livelihoods or reputations. True religion offers a path for even the worst sinners to find redemption,” he declared.

Combat Frame XSeed SS (2021)

What do you make of Combat Frame XSeed novelist Brian Niemeier’s explanation on how to defeat wokism?

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