Sydney Sweeney Describes Upcoming ‘Madame Web’ Film As “A Powerhouse Of Badass Females For The World To See”

Sydney Sweeney in HBO's Euphoria

Actress Sydney Sweeney began teasing Sony Pictures’ latest Spider-Man spin-off film, Madame Web, as “a powerhouse of badass females for the world to see.”

Sydney Sweeney as Juliet in NOCTURNE

Sweeney recently spoke to Total Film, where she initially noted she couldn’t really discuss the film telling the outlet, “I couldn’t be more excited. I can’t wait to be able to talk about it.”

However, that didn’t stop her from talking about the film as she told the outlet, “I can’t wait to be able to be next to the girls that I filmed with – Dakota and Isabela, and Celeste. We had so much fun together. And I’m really excited that it’s just gonna be a powerhouse of badass females for the world to see.”

She also told the outlet, “Superheroes have been my entire life! Those [films] are all my parents ever wanted to go see. I think I’ve seen The Avengers probably 20, 30-plus times. My family, they love [them]… I could not have made them happier choosing to do that project [Madame Web].”

Sydney Sweeney in HBO’s Euphoria

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The upcoming Madame Web film will not only star Sweeney, who is expected to play Julia Carpenter, but also Dakota Johnson, who is expected to play Cassandra Webb. The two are also also joined by Isabela Merced in an unknown role.

The film is directed by S.J. Clarkson, and it is expected to arrive in theaters on February 16, 2024.

NIGHT TEETH (2021) Sydney Sweeney as Eva, Megan Fox as Grace and Alfie Allen as Victor. Cr: Kat Marcinowski/NETFLIX

It’s unclear what exactly the film is about as Sony has kept a tight lid on plot details. Total Film’s interview appeared to confirm reports that Sweeney will play Carpenter.

Sweeney had previously told Variety in July 2022, “Currently I’m filming Madame Web. And I can’t really say anything about my character, but I’m very excited. My first Marvel movie. So it’s been a lot of fun, a lot of training and just prep work to get into it.”

Sydney Sweeney in HBO’s Euphoria

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The original Madame Web character was Cassandra Webb who first appeared in The Amazing Spider-Man #210 as a blind character. She informed Spider-Man, “These blind eyes can see beyond normal sight, in short, I am clairvoyant–a sooth-sayer, a psychic, a witch if you will.”

She added, “Furthermore, I am able to nurture these powers in others!”

The Amazing Spider-Man #210 (1980), Marvel Comics

Madame Webb would eventually transfer her abilities to Julia Carpenter, a former Spider-Woman, in The Amazing Spider-Man #637.

In that storyline Carpenter would intervene in what appeared to be a battle to the death between Spider-Man and a resurrected Kraven the Hunter. However, Carpenter would show him a vision that by taking Kraven’s life he would destroy his own life and those connected to him by the web. However, he spared him he would preserve the lives of those around him and make the web stronger.

The Amazing Spider-Man #637 (2010), Marvel Comics

The Anya Corazon version of Spider-Girl would also make an appearance in this storyline and fight alongside Parker against Kraven’s family.

Anya Corazon fights Ana Kravinoff in The Amazing Spider-Man #637 (2010), Marvel Comics

Given Sweeney’s comments it’s likely the movie will adapt some aspects of the Grim Hunt storyline contained in The Amazing Spider-Man #637, but will more than likely eschew Spider-Man’s main role in favor of the three female characters.

What do you make about Sweeney’s comments about Madame Web?

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