Within one day of Kickstarter naming Trump-hating ideologue Bryce Gold as their new Head of Comics, the crowdfunding website banned the book The Wise Of Heart by creator and renowned scientist Dr. Hans Schantz for what many believe was ideologically motivated by questioning the LGBTQ ideological narrative.

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In a now-deleted tweet that was captured by comic veteran Ethan Van Sciver on his video, KICKSTARTER hires a new Comics Czar. A guy to drink a cold Bud Light with, Gold showed his anti-conservative roots by stating, “F*** Donald Trump”.

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This tweet led several creators to be worried that Kickstarter would resume its practice of targeting and harassing conservatives as they had in the past when projects like former DC Comics’ artist Mike S. Miller’s Lonestar and Mike Baron’s Private American were removed from the platform under unclear circumstances. Both men are some of the most vocal conservatives in the comic industry.

With the banning of Dr. Schantz’s The Wise Of Heart, it appears as if the fears of conservative creators are justified.

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The irony of the banning is the work is a reimagining of the classic story, Inherit The Wind, which is about a scientist being censored for questioning mainstream narratives.

While the original movie has distinctly anti-Christian rhetoric, The Wise Of Heart takes the Christian perspective where a science teacher states the facts that men are objectively created with a Y-chromosome, and women lack the chromosome, which gives both sexes distinctive biological features.

The story continues when the character is harassed and arrested for daring to speak on behalf of settled science, stating the fact that a man cannot be a woman and a woman cannot be a man. This is especially poignant in modern culture, where corporations and the government put pressure on Christians to deny biological truths.

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The banning occurred soon after The Wise Of Heart reached its funding goal and raised more than $4,000, nearly a day after Bryce Gold was named as the new comics czar. Kickstarter has a process where projects must get approved ahead of time before they launch on the crowdfunding site, so it appears as if this book’s banning occurred in tandem with Gold’s hiring.

Mr. Gold has refused to comment despite multiple attempts by Bounding Into Comics to reach out regarding this matter.

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Fortunately for Dr. Schantz, Christian comic creator Luke Stone has a new crowdfunding platform dedicated to helping creators who might be persecuted for their beliefs on platforms like Kickstarter or IndieGoGo.

This website, FundMyComic.com, was created in response to IndieGoGo shadowbanning several creators who use the hashtag #ComicsGate. He believed creators needed a safe haven for projects like The Wise Of Heart to fund and not be attacked for Christian morals.

Conservative and Christian fans are already gathering to show support for Dr. Schantz’s project and send a signal to Kickstarter and IndieGoGo that bannings like this will not stifle creators who want to tell the truth about sex and gender. The Wise Of Heart launched on FundMyComic yesterday and, as of this writing, has already recouped over $2,000 of the funding from Kickstarter.

What do you think of Kickstarter banning The Wise Of Heart? Leave a comment and let us know!

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