Marvel Comics Writer Steve Orlando Admits Comic Book Sales “Are Struggling,” Predicts His ‘Scarlet Witch’ Series Might Get Cancelled At 10 Issues

Scarlet Witch #5 (2023), Marvel Comics

Current Scarlet Witch writer Steve Orlando recently admitted that sales on the series “are struggling, alongside the whole industry.”

Scarlet Witch #1 (2023), Marvel Comics

In a now-deleted tweet, Orlando tweeted, “Sales are struggling, alongside the whole industry. Right now, we’ll hopefully get to ten.”

He then added, “To get even 15 issues, sales will  need to continue to climb.”

Steve Orlando Twitter

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Orlando then speculated that the cost of comics might have something to do with sales across the industry struggling.

He responded to a user who wrote, “Comics are crazy expensive now. I’m all in on manga, which is much more affordable.”

Orlando replied, “I’m with you! Not that prices are up to – we’re in a weird spot where folks in general keep wanting a higher and higher production value and paper quality. Which is part, but all of it, of course.”

Steve Orlando Twitter

Elucidating Orlando’s comments even more is that ICv2 reports the series was the 8th most sold series by units in April 2023 according to its ComicHub system that tracks point-of-sale data at over 125 stores selling American comics around the world.

The seven titles that outsold Scarlet Witch #4 were Amazing Spider-#23, Batman #134, Spider-Man #7, Guardians of the Galaxy #1, Amazing Spider-Man #24, Venom #18, and X-Men #21.

The series fell to 14th on the most sold series by dollars being bested by Batman #134, Amazing Spider-Man #23, Guardians of the Galaxy #1, Spider-Man #7, Avengers Assemble Omega #1, Marvels Voices Spider-Verse #1, Amazing Spider-Man #24, Batman & Joker The Deadly Duo #6, Sins of Sinister Dominion #1, Venom #18, X-Men #21, Immoral X-Men #3, and Superman #3.

Scarlet Witch #4 (2023), Marvel Comics

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The month of April appeared to see the series move up on the charts. In March, Scarlet Witch #3 was 13th in most sold units and 22nd in most sold by dollars.

Scarlet Witch #2 was 17th in units sold in February and 12th in most sold by dollars.

ICv2 reported in January that the debut issue was the third most sold book by units only being bested by Amazing Spider-Man #17 and Batman #131. It was the fifth most sold book by dollars behind Nightwing #100, Amazing Spider-Man #17, Batman #131, and Batman One Bad Day Bane #1.

Scarlet Witch #2 (2023), Marvel Comics

The fact that a series that is currently the 8th most sold series and the 14th most sold by dollars might get cancelled after 10 issues shows the sorry state that both Marvel Comics and DC Comics have wrought upon themselves.

They did it with shoddy storytelling and immoral propaganda promoting all sorts of disordered lifestyles as well as just plain hatred to those who rejected it and called it out. Not to mention employing numerous creators who aggressively deride people letting them know what they were doing was indeed wrong.

Scarlet Witch #3 (2023), Marvel Comics

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And the readers and customers they drove away do not look like they will return any time soon.

ICv2’s April 2023 Top 20 Adult Graphic novel list only has one western published title on the list that being Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Last Ronin HC. Every other title is either a manga or a manwha with One Piece Vol. 102, Kaiju No. 8 Vol. 6, and Spy X Family Vol. 9 taking the top three spots.

Circana BookScan Top 20 Adult Graphic Novels – April 2023 via

What do you make of Steve Orlando’s comments and what is shows about the state of western comic books specifically at Marvel Comics and DC Comics?

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