Comic book writer Ron Marz recently derided fans of Marvel Comics’ Punisher describing them as “dummies in jacked pickups festooned with Punisher stickers.”

The Punisher War Journal #24 (1990), Marvel Comics

Marz took to Twitter on June 6th and tweeted, “The Punisher isn’t problematic. He’s a bad guy we root for because he kills worse bad guys.”

He then added, “The problem is the dummies in jacked pickups festooned with Punisher stickers who don’t grasp that the Punisher is a bad guy.”

Ron Marz Twitter

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Marz would get called out by long-time Punisher writer Mike Baron who shared a photo of United States Navy SEAL sniper Chris Kyle wearing a hat with the Punisher logo.

Baron asked, “Do you know this is?”

Mike Baron Twitter

Marz would respond, “A guy who was killed with a gun.” Baron pressed further, “Do you know his name?”

Marz answered, “Chris Kyle. Do you have a point, Mike, or do you just like playing quizmaster?”

Ron Marz Twitter

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Clearly, Marz missed the point. And while I don’t want to presume what Baron’s point is, it seems pretty clear that Chris Kyle does not fit into Ron Marz’s definition of Punisher fans who are dummies that do not understand the character or realize he’s a bad guy.

Source: The Punisher War Zone #1

Interestingly, at the end of 2020, Marz seemed to indicate he might actually be one of the “dummies” he’s now referring to, or maybe he actually knows and admitted he’s a bad guy.

He tweeted, “I’m not saying I agree with the Punisher’s extralegal methods of inflicting justice upon the guilty who otherwise avoid their deserved fates.”

“I’m just saying I understand,” he added.

Ron Marz Twitter

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Marz deriding comic book fans is not out of character for the former Star Wars writer. Back in 2021, Marz took issue with former Vice Chair for Communications for the Hawaii Republican Party and vocal Comicsgate supporter Edwin Boyette who resigned from his Republican Party position after tweeting from the Hawaii GOP’s official Twitter account, “We should make it abundantly clear – the people who subscribed to the Q fiction, were largely motivated by a sincere and deep love for America. Patriotism and love of County (sp?) should never be ridiculed.”

Hawaii GOP Twitter

Marz shared an article from Daily Beast covering Boyette’s resignation writing, “Unless I am much mistaken, this is the same Edwin Boyette who was an extremely vocal Comicsgate supporter. Comicsgate, QAnon and GOPP official, quite the trifecta.”

Ron Marz Twitter

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He added, “Okay, so let me get this straight, the government is secretly controlled by Satan-worshipping, blood-drinking pedophiles. Do you have any other theories we should be aware of?’”

“SJWs are destroying comics,’” Marz added.

Ron Marz Twitter

Marz then declared, “Comicsgate, Gamergate, QAnon, MAGA: it all comes from the same place.”

He continued, “The world is changing rapidly, and there’s a segment of the population — chiefly white, straight males — who can’t handle it, and their brains are melting.”

Ron Marz Twitter

What do you make of Ron Marz deriding Punisher fans?

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