Lionsgate released the first trailer for their upcoming violent revenge western, Dead Man’s Hand.

Stephen Dorff as Mayor Clarence Bishop in Dead Man’s Hand (2023), Lionsgate

The film is based on Kevin Minor’s four-issue miniseries that was collected in the graphic novel No Rest For The Wicked: Dead Man’s Hand.

In the original graphic novel the main character, Reno, arrives in the mining town of Crooked Creek and ends up on the wrong end of a crooked card game run by the town’s local officials. He’s dragged out into the desert and left dead. However, he becomes possessed with the Spirit of Manitou and sets out on a path of vengeance.

No Rest For the Wicked: Dead Man’s Hand (2019), Source Point Press

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Based on the trailer, seen below, the film appears to eschew the supernatural aspects of the graphic novel, but maintains the bloody vengeance theme. It also appears to make Reno’s cause even more just as he defends himself and his wife from a number of bandits who try to waylay their stage coach. The twist is that one of the bandits is actually the brother of the corrupted brother and he wants vengeance on Reno.

The official description for the film states, “Gunslinger Reno (Jack Kilmer, The Nice Guys) is headed west for a quiet life with his new bride. But when their stagecoach is ambushed, he kills an outlaw in self-defense.”

“In a nearby town, Reno learns that the man he slayed is the brother of the corrupt mayor, Bishop (Stephen Dorff, Blade), who vows revenge. After their card game turns into a bloody shootout, who will be left standing? Cole Hauser (“Yellowstone”) appears as a U.S. Marshal who becomes Reno’s ally in this pulse-pounding Western,” it concludes.

Cole Hauser as a U.S. Marshal in Dead Man’s Hand (2023), Lionsgate

The film will have a day and date release arriving in theaters, on demand, and digital on July 7. It arrives on DVD on August 22nd.

What do you make of the trailer?

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