DC Comics plans to target and groom children with the objectively evil gender ideology during the company’s appearance at the upcoming San Diego Comic-Con.

Superman: Son of Kal-El Vol. 1 #11 “The Right Path” (2022), DC Comics. AAPI variant cover art by Brian Ching and Rain Beredo.

In a press release outlining the company’s plans for San Diego Comic-Con, DC revealed they will have a presentation called DC Books for Young Readers on Sunday July 23rd from 11:15-12:15pm.

This presentation will feature “some of the creators behind the publisher’s popular middle-grade and young adult graphic novels, with exciting announcements about titles arriving soon!”

DC Pride: Tim Drake Special One-Shot #1 (2022), DC Comics. Cover art by Belen Ortega and Alberto Jimenez Albuquerque

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The presentation will feature Wyatt Benjamin Maines, a man who pretends to be a woman and calls himself Nicole Maines.

DC heavily promoted Maines by having him play the character Dreamer aka Nia Nall in The CW’s Supergirl series and more recently in the final season of The Flash. Maines has gone on to write a number of stories for DC Comics.

Bad Dream: A Dreamer Story (2023), DC

The company will be publishing an upcoming graphic novel by Maines titled Bad Dream: A Dreamer Story. This is the book that Maines will showcase at San Diego Comic-Con and one he confirms is pushing gender ideology on children through allegory.

Maines previously discussed the graphic novel with IGN, “Without revealing too much, there is a direct link between the alien communities and the queer communities, especially in Metropolis. They’re both groups that people make unjust presumptions about and make assumptions. And as queer people are being legislated against, as are aliens in this universe, and so they find commonality in that.”

He continued, “But where Nia comes from, it’s starkly different. It’s a situation of, ‘I’ve grown up in this very, very diverse place, where everyone is so different and everyone has their own stuff going on. Why am I the odd one out?'”

Bad Dream: A Dreamer Story (2023), DC

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Next, Maines admitted he’s pushing the evil ideology in the book through allegory, “For me, it feels very much directly linked to the real world in the way that marginalized groups and even other members of the queer community find time in their own suffering and in their own struggle to say, ‘But we’re still better than these people. We don’t like it when we’re discriminated against, but I believe it is completely justified if this group of people is discriminated against.'”

“And that lack of self-awareness in their own situation drove some of the inspiration behind building Parthas because, of course, in the show it was this very utopian, very idyllic place to grow up, but I think it’s more possibly realistic if in this diversity, they still find time to put someone at the bottom of the food chain and that person being Nia, which is another driving factor in why she is so ready to leave,” Maines concluded.

Bad Dream: A Dreamer Story (2023), DC

Other guests to be featured for the DC Books for Young Readers presentation include Sina Grace and his Superman: Harvests of Youth; Penelope and Jerry Gaylord for Diana and the Hero’s Journey and Clark & Lex; Jeffrey Brown for Batman and Robin and Howard; and Jim Benton for Fann Club: Batman Squad.

The Diana and the Hero’s Journey book also appears to be pushing recent government propaganda that children do not belong to their parents. The official description on Penguin Random House’s website states, “It takes a village to raise a warrior…and the Amazons have a lot on their hands with Diana. Can she harness the power of truth and community to become the hero we know as WONDER WOMAN?”

Sina Grace’s Superman: Harvests of Youth also appears circumspect as it claims, “A grounded and heartbreakingly human story about the legendary Superman as a teenager finding his place in a world filled with death and hate, without losing sight of his greatest power…hope.” Given DC Comics’ track record it’s not hard to imagine how where that death and hate is coming from.

Superman: The Harvest of Youth (2023), Penguin Random House

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This is not the company’s first foray into attempting to groom children. Earlier this year, the company published The DC Book of Pride that is specifically labeled in the Children’s Books and Teen & Young Adult Nonfiction categories on Penguin Random House’s website.

The book’s description states, “Discover the rich history of DC’s LGBTQIA+ Superheroes in this inspiring gift-title featuring detailed character profiles and comic book artwork. Celebrate Pride with DC’s LGBTQIA+ Superheroes.”

It adds, “Written and curated by DC expert Jadzia Axelrod, The DC Book of Pride profiles more than 50 LGBTQIA+ characters in detail, including Harley Quinn, Superman, Nubia, Robin, Batwoman, Aqualad, Dreamer, Green Lantern, and many more. Discover their fascinating origins, amazing superpowers, and key storylines. This title is an indispensable and celebratory companion to the DC Pride comic books.”

The DC Book of Pride via Penguin Random House

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Earlier this month, the comic book publisher also released their DC Pride 2023 #1 and made clear they were promoting sodomy and homosexuality to young children.

The official DC Twitter account shared a quote from the recent issue writing, ““Let the whole world know — the bigots, the cowards, and the kids who need it… Show them that our love is real. Show them that it’s powerful. We’ll never back down, and we’re not afraid of fighting back.”

In the comic by Josh Trujillo with artwork by Don Aguillo it depicts Midnighter and Apollo responding to a group of protestors by blasting their “marriage” to every screen available in the entire world.

Midnighter explains to Apollo, “Let the whole world know — the bigots, the cowards, and the kids who need it… Show them that our love is real. Show them that it’s powerful.”

Midnighter and Apollo in DC Pride 2023 #1 (2023), DC Comics

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The company has also retconned a number of their iconic characters in order to push these disordered lifestyles including Jonathan Kent, Alan Scott, Tim Drake, Constantine, Poison Ivy, Harley Quinn, Wonder Woman, Penguin, and Victor Zasz among others.

Superman: Son of Kal-El #15 (2022), DC Comics

What do you make of DC Comics trying to groom kids at San Diego Comic-Con?

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