Actor Hari Nef, a man who pretends to be a woman and who mockingly plays Doctor Barbie, recently explained how the upcoming Barbie film is trying to normalize “transgenderism.”

Hari Nef as Doctor Barbie in Barbie (2023), Warner Bros. Pictures

Speaking with Out, Nef stated, “I think as a trans girl, it’s easy to get caught up in big dreams of what you’ll become. And it’s inevitable that you’ll get struck down by external messages and obstacles of what you’ll never be and what you won’t be able to do.”

“You’re caught constantly between striving for perfection and recoiling from rejection. It’s hard,” he continued.

Kate McKinnon as Weird Barbie in Barbie (2023), Warner Bros. Pictures

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Nef then added, “As much as there’s a celebration of femininity and being a girl in this [movie], I think there’s also an encouragement of letting go of the checklist we ascribe to living and living your life and being in your body your way, on your own terms.”

“The best that we can do as women, as trans women, is be there for each other and take ourselves at face value, without relying on the green light from someone or anyone else,” he asserted.

Barbie (Margot Robbie) is arrested in Los Angeles n in Barbie (2023), Warner Bros. Pictures

Barbie (Margot Robbie) is arrested in Los Angeles n in Barbie (2023), Warner Bros. Pictures

Nef also went on share that the film promotes drag racing. He relayed, “I’m a lover of drag. I’m a lover and admirer from afar of ballroom culture. It felt kind of like a legacy that I could honor onscreen of dolls dolling, dolls dressing up. The category was dot, dot, dot, something different every day.”

“I’ve joked before, it really did feel like Greta Gerwig’s Drag Race. Because I was doing acting, dancing, comedy, and the whole time I was cinched, wigged, painted from head to toe, padded, heels,” he continued.

Margot Robbie as Barbie in Barbie (2023), Warner Bros. Pictures

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Nef remarked, “It’s a very specific kind of femininity. It’s not a kind of femininity that I live every single day of my life in, but it’s one that I come back to time and time again. It’s also one that I feel very comfortable wearing in public, and when the cameras are on and when people are watching.”

“That contradiction and ambivalence, I think, is very close to the heart of probably a lot of girls like me today, probably a lot of girls in general today,” Nef declared. “It’s candy with a little poison, and that’s what I like.”

Margot Robbie as Barbie and Ryan Gosling as Ken in Barbie (2023), Warner Bros. Pictures

Nef does not just plan to try and groom young girls and normalize “transgenderism” with Barbie. He plans to do it with his entire acting career, informing the outlet, “I’m excited to tell stories about trans people that aren’t merely redemptive, that aren’t rooted in transition or discovery.”

“I’m excited for trans assholes on-screen,” he continued. “I’m excited for trans antiheroes on-screen. I’m excited for trans scammers on-screen. I’m excited for trans sex on screen. I’m excited for trans nudity on-screen.”

“There’s a lot of things that we haven’t actually really seen yet,” he concludes. “I’m hoping that I can be a part of that and bring the girls, the boys, and everyone else with me. If they make it first, I hope they’ll bring me.”

Ana Cruz Kayne as Supreme Court Justice Barbie in Barbie (2023), Warner Bros. Pictures

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Mattel, the company that makes Barbie, has been at the forefront of pushing “transgenderism.” The company pushed gender ideology and body mutilation last May when they announced a doll based on Roderick Laverne Cox, a man who claims to be a woman.

The company promoted the doll writing, “As a four-time Emmy-nominated [actor], Emmy-winning producer, and the first [man claiming to be a woman] of color to have a leading role on a scripted TV show, [Roderick] Laverne Cox uses [his] voice to amplify the message of moving beyond societal expectations to live more authentically.”

They add, “[He] wears a triple-threat original design, featuring a deep red tulle gown gracefully draped over a dazzling, silver metallic bodysuit. [His] hair is swept into glamorous Hollywood waves while dramatic makeup completes her look.”

Barbie Tribute Collection Laverne Cox Doll

“Transgenderism” is a dangerous ideology especially to children because as Bishop Burbidge notes it “rejects the significance of the sexed body and seeks cultural, medical, and legal validation of the person’s self-defined identity-an approach called ‘gender affirmation.’”

He adds, “There is ample evidence that ‘gender affirmation’ not only does not resolve a person’s struggles but also can in fact exacerbate them. The acceptance and/or approval of a person’s claimed transgender identity is particularly dangerous in the case of children, whose psychological development is both delicate and incomplete. First and foremost, a child needs to know the truth: He or she has been created male or female, forever. Affirming a child’s distorted self-perception or supporting a child’s desire to ‘be’ someone other than the person (male or female) God created, gravely misleads and confuses the child about ‘who’ he or she is.”

Margot Robbie as Barbie in Barbie (2023), Warner Bros. Pictures

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Bishop Burbidge also asserts, “In addition, ‘gender-affirming’ medical or surgical interventions cause significant, even irreparable, bodily harm to children and adolescents. These include the use of puberty blockers (in effect, chemical castration) to arrest the natural psychological and physical development of a healthy child, cross-sex hormones to induce the development of opposite-sex, secondary sex characteristics, and surgery to remove an adolescent’s healthy breasts, organs, and/or genitals.

He adds, “These kinds of interventions involve serious mutilations of the human body, and are morally unacceptable.”

“Adolescents are particularly vulnerable to claims that ‘gender transition’ will resolve their difficulties,” Bishop Burbidge explains. “Long-term studies show ‘higher rates of mortality, suicidal behavior and psychiatric morbidity in gender-transitioned individuals compared to the general population.’”

Bishop Michael Burbidge via Catholic Diocese of Arlington YouTube

What do you make of Nef explaining how the Barbie film is being used to normalize gender ideology and bodily mutiliation?

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