The Purge has been one of the most racially divisive franchises to come out in the last 10 years and it seems series creator James DeMonaco’s next step is to literally divide America.

Creating “The Purge” W/ Jason Blum & James DeMonaco | Comic-Con 2018 SDCC via io9, YouTube

Released in 2013, The Purge entertained the idea of the United States of America legalizing all crime — for one night only, every year — as a method of depopulation, including murder. In the original film, for example, a black man is being hunted by wealthy white elites as a sport and for personal gratification.

With a total of five movies and a tv series, to date, the franchise has been turned into a über Progressive Left-wing social commentary on racial politics in the US.

Tenoch Huerta as Juan in The Forever Purge (2021), Universal Pictures

Most films in the series have a tendency to portray wealthy white Christian Americans as hunters in the war against poor black and brown people, and it seems like director and screenwriter James DeMonaco is planning on dividing the country even more than it’s ever been before with the upcoming The Purge 6.

“For me, for 6, I was extrapolating on the discord and taking it to its furthest, as far as you can take that idea of what’s going on, I feel, in the country and the political landscape. And it’s a broken America. We’re remapping,” DeMonaco recently told Collider.

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The Purge 6’ is about the remapping of America based on ideology, sexuality, and religion, so that the states are broken down,” he elaborated. “You have your Black state, you have your gay state, and you have your white evangelical state. And it’s really a broken country.”

Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, DeMonaco claims that because he grew up in a melting pot he would like to see the country represented by many faces, as well as different religions and sexualities. The filmmaker even calls out Republican Marjorie Taylor Greene for openly calling for a national divorce.

Carmen Ejogo, Frank Grillo, Judith McConnell, Kiele Sanchez, Alina Andrei, Zach Gilford, Tammie Baird, Zoë Soul, Jessica McClain, and Mike Jerome Putnam in The Purge: Anarchy (2014)

“What’s so strange is that Marjorie Taylor Greene — I’m not gonna say more than her name there recently wished for an America like that — which to me would be the most nightmarish version,” DeMonaco asserted. “It goes against everything that America stands for.”

DeMonaco’s comments allude to a tweet made by Republican Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene in February of this year, which prefaced, “We need a national divorce. We need to separate by red states and blue states and shrink the federal government.”

She then claimed, “Everyone I talk to says this,” before concluding, “From the sick and disgusting woke culture issues shoved down our throats to the Democrat’s traitorous America Last policies, we are done.”

Marjorie Taylor Greene entertains the idea of a national divorce via Twitter

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During an interview with Fox News’ Sean Hannity, as transcribed by Breitbart, Greene would go on to elaborate on the point she was trying to make, explaining, “[I]n my life, in my world, I — all of my friends are regular Americans. Everyone I talk to is sick and tired and fed up of being bullied by the left, abused by the left.”

“And disrespected by the left and our ideas, our policies, our ways of life have become so far apart that it’s just coming to that point. And the last thing I ever want to see in America is a civil war,” the congresswoman declared. “No one wants that. At least everyone I know would never want that. But it’s going that direction, and we have to do something about it.”

In a separate interview with Hannity, the congresswoman elaborated even further, explaining that she never called for neither secession nor a civil war between Americans.

“What I’m talking about is reducing the size of our federal government and giving more power and control to our states — to be the identity that they want to be, whether it’s blue or red, because the division in our country has gotten to a dangerous point,” Greene explained.

She added, “To the point where I experience it on a daily basis. Being attacked in public is no fun, but we also have to remember it’s not just elected members of congress, or famous Republican spokesmen or political commentators like you and others, but it’s also regular people — maybe people that wear a MAGA hat that have been attacked for years now.”

Dan Mast as Thing 2 in The Forever Purge (2021), Universal Pictures

To no one’s surprise, DeMonaco didn’t bother to listen to what Greene actually meant in her tweet. DeMonaco claims that he wants the country to come together in unity, but his films have portrayed the exact opposite of the director’s purported desire. His dystopian action horror series has portrayed America as a nation that actively seeks to kill black and brown people — a belief held by many progressives nationwide.

Since the release of The Purge: Election Year in 2016, the franchise has romanticized a Che Guevara-inspired communist resistance unit trying to overthrow Neo-Nazi fascists who thirst for murder and oppression.

Edward Gelhaus as the Tattoo Nazi in The Forever Purge (2018), Universal Pictures

The boiling point of DeMonaco’s delusional Left-wing fantasy films came in 2018’s The First Purge, wherein the fictional New Founding Fathers of America (NFFA) political party — fully funded and endorsed by the NRA — creates the first Purge in Staten Island, New York.

However, after noticing that black people are refusing to kill each other, they send a group of KKK and Neo-Nazis wearing Ronald Reagan masks to kill the blacks themselves. The film goes as far as to have a group of white supremacists storm a black church and gun down everyone inside, reenacting the Charleston church shooting for the sake of scoring political points.

The KKK Convoy in The First Purge (2018), Universal Pictures

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Seemingly oblivious to the reason why the country is so divided, DeMonaco’s films are soaked in anti-military, anti-Christian, and anti-capitalism messaging and — while his movies have become the cinematic version of crying out as they strike — another film with the backing of Get Out and BlacKkKlansman producer Jason Blum is in the works, as the studio negotiates the budget before moving forward with production.

The Purge: Anarchy (2014) Exclusive: James DeMonaco and Frank Grillo (HD) Frank Grillo, Carmen Ejogo via movieweb, YouTube

What are your thoughts on DeMonaco’s plan for his next entry in The Purge series?

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