There wasn’t much of note to report coming out of Comic-Con in San Diego, but one announcement is getting attention and not entirely for the right reasons. It was unveiled at SDCC that a new villain is on the scene to strike fear in the heart of Gotham City, and also make readers quizzical through her connection to a popular Batman rogue.

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At the Dawn of DC booth this year, the debut of Shush in issue #2 of Batman and Robin was previewed, and if something sounds familiar, or derivative, about that name, it’s because she is the beneficiary of Thomas Elliot’s evil bandaged mantle. Shush is a new version of Hush and also the latest instance of a gender-substituted character.

We know little more than what does about her. It’s not even certain if Shush is related to Elliot or connected to him in any way other than co-opting his gimmick. The creative team of writer Joshua Williamson and artist Simone Di Meo don’t have much to say since it’s their business not to spoil the surprise.

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We use the word ‘surprise’ loosely in this case as an established character receiving a protege, offshoot, what have you, or being assigned a new identity — gender-flipped or not — is nothing new in the world of DC and comics. Still, that said, even we didn’t think this news was serious at first though we can’t put anything past the industry these days.

Whatever the newcomer’s agenda, it likely won’t be fully revealed in her first appearance. “Introducing Shush. Who does she work for? And how have they turned one of Batman’s greatest tools against him? Urban Jungle continues as the father and son dynamic duo are on the deadly case! But first, Damian must deal with…his first day of school?!” the synopsis hypes.

Batman & Robin Issue #2 (2023). Words by Joshua Williamson. Art by Simone Di Meo

The best educated guess is she has some sort of impact on Damian Wayne which would make sense if she goes to school with him. Considering Hush was a childhood friend of Bruce, it’s logical for Williamson and Di Meo to follow in that tradition. Picking up after Batman vs. Robin and Lazarus Planet, Batman and Robin launches in September.

Issue #2 hits stores in early October.

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