Earlier this summer, we reported a rumor that Matt Reeves was eyeing Two-Face to be the villain in The Batman – Part II. The names Joel Edgerton and Josh Hartnett even surfaced as possible candidates to play the coin-flipping criminal. Now we are hearing a small amount of confirmation — or “truth” — on the matter from a trusted source.

Bruce Wayne (Robert Pattinson) learns that The Riddler (Paul Dano) has uploaded a new video in The Batman (2022), Warner Bros. Pictures

Bruce Wayne (Robert Pattinson) learns that The Riddler (Paul Dano) has uploaded a new video in The Batman (2022), Warner Bros. Pictures

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In a podcast clip, Syl Abdul and Mikey Sutton of Geekosity broke down what they’ve heard from Abdul’s sources about Two-Face’s chances of turning up in the sequel – and it’s all about cold and random chance with Mr. Dent. Abdul and Sutton, like everybody else, have heard the rumors, but they seem to have total faith in the intel they get.

Based on it, Abdul claims there is “some truth” to the current speculation. “It was being floated around the last 48 hours about Two-Face…in The Batman – Part II, and it was kind of casually thrown out there, and then other people kind of picked it up,” he said. “Other insiders…wouldn’t put too much stock into that.”

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Abdul, however, continues, “I ran it by my sources. I think they’re on a pretty good roll…[and] it sounds like this is true.” Reeves is “all in” for Harvey Two-Face “at least showing up as one of the villains.” He adds that two other foes potentially showing up are Clayface and Mr. Freeze, despite Reeves’ tone and realism.

The director’s standalone Bat-verse is meant to stay grounded, but he could find a way to make Freeze and Clayface work. The latter is an easy one if Reeves goes with Basil Karlo and his origin, but Freeze might be tricky unless he doesn’t become the blue-skinned baddie we all know. Reeves reworked The Riddler realistically, so why not them?

Mr. Freeze (Arnold Schwarzenegger) keeps his cool during a fight with Batman (George Clooney) in Batman & Robin (1997), Warner Bros. Pictures

With all these villainous names being brought up, Abdul notes, and Riddler and Joker behind bars in Arkham, it’s possible that The Batman – Part II will turn into a movie heavily influenced by the institution and its occupants. Previous rumors about returning cast members back this up, and Reeves should tease that Arkham spinoff series sooner or later.

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