Alleged Plot Leak Of ‘Godzilla Minus One’ Claims Toho Film Has Two Kaiju, Remakes 1954 Original

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Godzilla roars again in Godzilla -1.0 (2023), Toho

Toho’s first live-action Godzilla movie in seven years – Godzilla Minus One – will take its bow Stateside at the end of 2023, so it hasn’t been seen widely as of yet – not even by Japanese audiences to our knowledge. However, we are learning new things about the plot that enters spoiler territory – if the details can be taken at face value.

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Godzilla destroys Tokyo in Godzilla -1.0 (2023), Toho

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Therefore, we warn you of potential spoilers for Godzilla Minus One and to use your own judgment with the required amount of salt. This plot leak comes from Warstu on YouTube, a content creator known for his spoiler-heavy and speculative kaiju coverage, who also cautions he can’t verify his findings. But, what he’s eager to share is enormous.

It appears to originate from a 4chan or Reddit post that, right off the bat, proclaims Minus One is a remake of the first Godzilla film, 1954’s Gojira, which turns back the clock on Godzilla’s ascendancy during the post-war period by a decade. The giant monster first appears after the A-bombs are dropped instead of following the Lucky Dragon incident at sea.

That much we can gather from the teaser, but if Warstu and the post are to be believed, Godzilla is not alone as he might be joined by another member of his species. In other words, there could be two Godzillas – similar but distinct in many ways. One is the scarred dinosaur-like version everybody knows that’s seen in the teaser.

The other sounds like it will be a slight departure for it is described as unaffected by nuclear energy, unlike its counterpart. Less of a mirror twin to Gojira, this one is said to have the cranial proportions of an orca and smooth skin. It will also possess the usual dorsal plates, but they’ll be dwarfed by a big one akin to a fin.

Screenshot - Godzilla Attacks

Godzilla attacks the army in Gojira (1954), Toho Co.

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Its tail is compared to a Mewtwo “but aquatic,” and there may be greater depth explored with these creatures than before. The assumed spoiler adds we are in for a tragedy told partially from their perspectives. Those supposedly come to a head as, while the traditional scarred dino Goji is destroying the surface world, the other tries to bring him back to their natural habitat.

A different leak pertaining to a Bandai figure Warstu throws into his coverage seems to confirm a second Godzilla “or other monster,” which is wild. As you can imagine, the spoilers promise the two kaiju will fight – with one battle taking place at sea. The Oxygen Destroyer is also mentioned and, considering this film is being called a remake, that means what you think.

The second focal point of Minus One is Serizawa, the weapon’s inventor, and his whole clan. He has a mother and father – both deceased – and a sister who sees life a little differently than him. Vengeful, the main Serizawa blames America for the destruction of Japan and the “creation” of Godzilla, but he works for them.

The US government funds Serizawa’s research that produces the Oxygen Destroyer according to the plot breakdown, so a level of Oppenheimer-esque political intrigue may figure into the story. Like Serizawa in 54, “Serizawa Minus One” doesn’t want his technology to fall into the wrong hands, burns his notes, and steals the only prototype.

Godzilla dies screaming-1954

Godzilla dies screaming in Gojira (1954), Toho Co.

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By the time he sets it off in the ocean as a sacrifice, he sees the error of his ways and identifies with Godzilla as a victim. The funny thing is Big-G is caught in the Oxygen Destroyer’s blast, but the second orca-looking Zilla takes the hit for its brethren, sacrificing itself. This leaves the scarred traditional Godzilla alive to star in a new film series.

It could be the beginning of a new era in the history of Godzilla – possibly the most massive step in the Reiwa period post-Shin. There’s been activity on both sides of the Pacific, but Godzilla Minus One is Toho’s first blockbuster salvo in almost a decade. Their alleged plans and hopes here hinge on their newest film being a success.

We also have to count on these spoilers being genuine. Again, there is a chance they are not, but we warned you.

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