In light of Argentinian presidential candidate Javier Milei’s topping of his country’s primaries, disgraced Hollywood actor Alec Baldwin has responded to the populist right-wing politician’s polling victory by comparing his appearance to that of suspected Gilgo Beach serial killer Rex Heuermann.

In Conversation: Alec Baldwin Beyond the Screen via Chicago Ideas, YouTube

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On Sunday the 13th of August, the anti-communist, libertarian economist secured his spot in Argentina’s upcoming presidential elections.

Needing to be chosen by at least 1.5 percent of voters in the country’s recent Argentinian Simultaneous and Mandatory Open Primaries (PASO) in order to qualify for the ballot, Milei ultimately took home 30.4 percent of the total votes cast during the event.

In doing so, he not only accrued more votes than his main opponents Sergio Massa (21.4 percent) and Patricia Bullrich (16.98 percent), but also established himself as the frontrunner to win the overall race this October.


In stark contrast to the upward-trending politician, Heuermann is a suspected serial killer who was arrested on Thursday the 13th of July and charged with the murder of three women whose remains were found in Gilgo Beach in 2010 and 2011.

The Long Island resident was first connected to the murder case in March of 2022 after a witness reported seeing one of the women who disappeared in 2010 in a pickup truck of a similar make and model to the Heuermann’s own.

Rex Heuermann arrested in Gilgo Beach murders via FOX 5 New York, YouTube

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Per the Associated Press, Heurmann was finally arrested after a detective tail assigned to him managed to obtain his DNA from a pizza crust he discarded in Manhattan and subsequely matched it to a hair found a restraint used by the victims’ suspected killer.

The day after his arrest, Heuermann’s attorney Michael Brown entered a plea of not guilty on his client’s behalf.

Father Hector McGrath (Alec Baldwin) checks the chamber via Pixie (2021), Paramount Pictures

Unable to resist an opportunity to fire shots at the Argentinian politician over his politics, Baldwin took to Instagram on August 15th to compare a picture of Milei taken during his victory speech to Heuermann’s mugshot.

“Uncanny,” mocked the actor. “Right down to the hair dye.”

Attempting to save face for his tasteless comparison, Baldwin added, “PS: truly, this as nothing to do with politics. I just think the resemblance is remarkable. Also, remember what we have struggled to maintain here in the US: don’t let politics overwhelm your sense of humor.”

Alec Baldwin compares Argentinian presidential candidate Javier Milei to suspected Gilgo Beach serial killer Rex Heuermann via Instagram

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However, while Baldwin found this comparison humorous, many other Instagram users did not.

“You should stick to things you know something about,” suggested heatherindallastx. “The Argentine people are suffering under an incredibly corrypt system and ridiculous inflation. I highly doubt you know one thing about any of these candidates or anything about any of the leaders in South America, for that matter.

heatherindallastx weighs in on Alec Baldwin’s comparison via Instagram

“Oh please!!” Jesicarueda declared. “You have no idea!! I live in a narco city!! Sicarios kill children every day, they shoot schools every day!! Bomb threats every day. You have no idea, so please don’t speak if you don’t know!! People is tired of this BS! They kill you for a pair of shoes, they kill a child beaten to death for a cellphone last week, so please watch your mouth before speaking!”

jesicarueda weighs in on Alec Baldwin’s comparison via Instagram

Seeking to educate the actor, Lilimeinavarro asserted, “The kirchnerismo corruption is really the worst thing to happen in Argentina, please if you don’t know about it ,I think is better that you inform yourself.”

“Peronismo and Kirchnerismo= Corruption, poverty, crime and drugs trafficking,” she added. “It’s not a joke.”

lilimeinavarro weighs in on Alec Baldwin’s comparison via Instagram

“Keep voting Biden and, in a few years, you will see the things that we suffered in Argentina with populist politicians,” warned morrisonhotel70. “No talking about things you don’t know.”

morrisonhotel70 weighs in on Alec Baldwin’s comparison via Instagram

Raquino75 inquired, “Do you have any idea what leftist governments have done in Argentina?”

“40% of the population below the poverty line,” he then explained. “Come visit this country and stop talking nonsense.”

raquino75 weighs in on Alec Baldwin’s comparison via Instagram

“Its so easy to support left ideas from the USA,” ropero99 criticized the actor. “Argentina really needs to get rip of the kirschner’s party, and either you like Millei or not, he’s the only solution available to fix the mess they’ve left after 20 years of corruption and terrible economic management.”

ropero99 weighs in on Alec Baldwin’s comparison via Instagram

Pointing out the irony in Baldwin comparing someone to a suspected killer when the actor himself fatally shot cinematographer Halyna Hutchins on the set of Rust, octi.dr simply wrote, “Wait didnt you just kill someone? I think the killer is someone else…”

octi.dr weighs in on Alec Baldwin’s comparison via Instagram

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