A new whisper suggests that not only will Deadpool 3′s multiversal shenanignans lead directly into the events of Avengers: Secret Wars, but that both films’ plots will take heavy inspiration from the titular comic book event.

Deadpool gets a new lease on life in Deadpool's Secret Secret Wars Vol. 1 #1 (2015), Marvel Comics. Words by Cullen BUnn, art by Matteo Lolli, Ruth Redmond, and Joe Sabino.

Deadpool gets a new lease on life in Deadpool’s Secret Secret Wars Vol. 1 #1 (2015), Marvel Comics. Words by Cullen BUnn, art by Matteo Lolli, Ruth Redmond, and Joe Sabino.

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This latest rumor concerning the Merch With A Mouth’s next live-action adventure was first raised to the public by noted scooper and Geeks Worldwide proprietor KC Walsh.

Taking to his personal Twitter account on September 8th, Walsh, who per an analysis of his past scoops performed by /r/MarvelStudiosSpoilers holds a 59% accuracy rating regarding his Marvel information, informed his followers, “#Deadpool 3 is a lead up to Secret Wars.”

K.C. Walsh weighs in on the potential plot of 'Deadpool 3',

Archive Link K.C. Walsh via Twitter

“Realities are collapsing [and] the TVA is picking heroes from these dying worlds to put them in the one universe (New Earth/Battleworld),” he detailed. “Wolverine is chosen from the Fox universe [and] finds an imprisoned DP [and] they start their adventure to save Wolverines dying universe and friends.”

K.C. Walsh weighs in on the potential plot of 'Deadpool 3',

Archive Link K.C. Walsh via Twitter

Though official details regarding the plot of Deadpool 3 have yet to be released by Marvel, the information referenced in Walsh’s latest claim has been hinted at in previous rumors.

In terms of the Time Variance Authority, their involvement in the film’s plot was previously by noted film scooper Daniel “DanielRPK” Ritchman.

In November 2022, Ritchman alleged to his followers that not only will actor Owen Wilson “reprise his role as Agent Mobius in Deadpool 3“, but that he is also “set to have a big role in the film.”

The Deadpool Updates Twitter account relays information from Daniel RPK regarding Deadpool 3 and Agent Mobius

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This plot point would be further teased by noted film reporter Jeff Sneider, who on the March 23rd episode of his and film critic John Rocha’s The Hot Mic podcast asserted, ““The rumor on the street is that Deadpool 3 is Deadpool sort of taking on the Time Variance Authority, and so, as a result, I hear Owen Wilson’s Agent Mobius and Tara Strong’s Miss Minutes will be in Deadpool 3.”

“I don’t know if Loki is in Deadpool 3,” he added, “but Owen Wilson and Tara Strong are going to be.”

[Time Stamp: 15:05]

As for the creation of a singular ‘Battleworld’ from the remnants of Marvel’s non-MCU realities, it’s possible that the collection of the shattered remnants of Fox’s X-Men continuity seen in previous behind-the-scenes photos – namely the late studio’s logo and what appears to be one of the missiles fired at the titular team in X-Men: First Class – are the result of the multiverse’s imminent collapse.

Syl Abdul shares a behind the scenes look at 'Deadpool 3'

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Walsh himself has also previously hinted that Deadpool 3 would feature a multiversal romp through Marvel’s non-MCU cinematic history.

“If fans aren’t feeling The Flash,” wrote the scooper in June 2023, “I worry about Deadpool 3 which shares a very similar plot and theme.”

KC Walsh weighs in on 'Deadpool 3'.

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Barring any additional delays to its release schedule, Deadpool 3 is set to take Battleworld by storm on May 3rd, 2024.

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