Rumored Post–Credit Scene Revives Claim SpaceGodzilla Will Appear In ‘Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire’

SpaceGodzilla roars in Godzilla vs. SpaceGodzilla (1994), Toho Co. Ltd.

Last Christmas, it appeared we were getting a kaiju-sized present from Legendary Pictures and Adam Wingard. A rumor turned up claiming a version of SpaceGodzilla would be the villain of the yet-to-be-titled Godzilla vs. Kong sequel. This information got the Internet very excited before the first teaser of the film was released, turning excitement into dismay.

SpaceGodzilla reaches the Earth and arrives on Monster Island in Godzilla vs. SpaceGodzilla (1994), Toho Co. Ltd.

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The teaser not only revealed the title — Godzilla x Kong: the New Empire — but it also unveiled a brand-new Titan who clearly was not SpaceGodzilla. Initially dubbed “Orangu-Kong” and later “Scar King,” he is no reptile and physically has more in common with the King of Skull Island than the King of the Monsters’ black hole son.

Whether or not the Scar King is joined by another hierarchy-shaking Titan as reports of the mysterious monster named Shimu state, most conclude the Sumatran-looking kaiju is the new alpha Godzilla and Kong will have to contend with. The SpaceGodzilla rumor is considered debunked as a result and everyone is leaving it in the rearview mirror.

A new Titan sits on his throne in the teaser trailer for Godzilla and Kong (2024), Warner Bros. Pictures

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Well, those folks may have to pump the brakes and look back because the latest intel from the one who created this buzz indicates news of SpaceG’s absence was greatly exaggerated. YouTuber Warstu has not given up hope; nor has he lost faith in his sources. He therefore maintains that, yes indeed, SpaceGodzilla is in Godzilla x Kong.

Except, he won’t be shown until the very end. According to Warstu’s sources, GxK has a post-credit scene where Monarch and government agents meet about an undisclosed global emergency in a secret conference room. Someone says, “You all know why we’re here,” and the audience has no idea what the person means until it cuts to SpaceGodzilla descending into Earth’s orbit.

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Warstu has made claims like this before only to be proven wrong. Aside from previously reporting the SpaceGodzilla rumor, he once said Destoroyah would be teased in Godzilla vs. Kong. He also reported a similar scenario to the above with agents and officials holding a secret meeting regarding alien life. Neither that nor Destoroyah appeared in GVK. Still, Warstu defended his claims, saying his leaks were “kind of there” in essence.

In his defense, Legendary’s extended MonsterVerse canon — from comic books to production art books — laid the groundwork for the existence of numerous undiscovered Titans in the Hollow Earth. They could surface down the line, and Destoroyah could be among them. Others that readers have been introduced to, like Camazotz and the MUTO Prime, over the years could resurface as well.

Godzilla uses Atomic Breath to kill Female Muto in Godzilla (2014), Warner Bros. Pictures

SpaceGodzilla is on that list too. Legendary’s world-building behind the scenes has already raised suspicions — and our expectations — that Heisei’s crystal kaiju clone is out there somewhere.

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