Images of Godzilla x Kong merchandise that Legendary Pictures don’t want you to see have been circulating the Internet to their epic dismay, and they have been pulling them down wherever they are posted. Folks on social media with inside sources (such as Twitter/X’s K-D-M) consequently urge others to use a little bit of caution with Big Brother watching.

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Legendary’s massive campaign of swift redaction has a few on edge, but it is also having the unsurprising side effect of inducing speculation. Fans are seeing the act by the studio as a sign the forbidden photos are legitimate, and that they harbor spoilers. Though we won’t post the pics, we can go over what the spoilers are.

One of them is a new Titan that could play a vital but secondary role as a threat to the team of Godzilla and Kong. Named Shimu, the creature is an original that could be a member of the Godzilla species based on those dorsal plates (see the fan art below). It also has a strong resemblance to Anguirus minus the beloved Toho kaiju’s shell.

The New Empire – Shimu
by u/RisePrimal in Monsterverse

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According to coverage by YouTuber Warstu, Shimu’s figure – which the vlogger posted a glimpse of in an Instagram story – has a blue glow with a bit of white. This doesn’t say much about the creature’s powers – if any – except that it might be charged with a mysterious energy housed in the Hollow Earth, a plot MacGuffin explored in the upcoming film.

We can’t say for certain yet if Shimu harnesses the arcane power source, but should the beast do that, it might not act of its own accord. Warstu adds Shimu could be a pet or minion of the Orangu-Kong shown in the Godzilla x Kong teaser. Evidence for this possibility is a whip in the leaked images believed to belong to the menacing red ape.

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The whip could be the Orangu-Kong’s weapon of choice or the tool he uses to tame and motivate monsters under his command. He will prove to be a formidable force against his two rival kings if that is the case. How will they deal with him? What means will Godzilla and Kong have to put up a fight?

The answer might be found in the same Hollow Earth energy that has the risk of being used against them as the leaked images show a Godzilla and a Kong figure with their own glows. The Kong toy glows blue and the Godzilla glows orange – a look that will be familiar to G-Fans – in a pattern evocative of power coursing them.

An ominous-looking figure contemplates Godzilla and Kong’s skulls in the teaser trailer for Godzilla and Kong (2024), Warner Bros. Pictures

Whatever way the red ape and Shimu charge themselves is likely to be figured out by Kong and Godzilla, and used to their advantage. This is a sound prediction but one that only holds water if the redacted imagery can be trusted. A trailer could settle things depending on what it gives away. Sadly, no one knows when we’re getting one.

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