Artist Kelley Jones To Team Up With ‘Grendel’ Creator Matt Wagner For New Dracula Story

Dracula Volume 1: The Impaler (2023), Orlok Press

Artist Kelley Jones, known for his iconic horror art, is teaming up with Grendel creator Matt Wagner to create a brand new Dracula story.

Dracula Volume 1: The Impaler (2023), Orlok Press

Speaking with The Hollywood Reporter, Wagner informed the outlet, “Our version of Dracula is bloody, sexy and monstrous.”

He elaborated, “This is very much a horror story, with deep roots in Stoker’s novel. But this isn’t yet another retelling of the novel in comics form. We’re bringing you the never-before told stories behind the story, the sinister tales hidden in the shadows of the original novel.”

According to Borys Kit at The Hollywood Reporter, the story will follow Dracula’s time at Satan’s “seminary of the dark arts, the Scholomance.”

Dracula Volume 1: The Impaler (2023), Orlok Press

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Wagner came to Jones with the pitch, who believed it would initially be a Batman or Grendel story. Commenting on the story, Jones said, “So much has already been done with the vampire lord. Matt then wove his tale to me like a late night ghost story. My excitement when he told me his plans for the Wallachian Prince of Darkness was what every artist, hell, every fan of horror or just great comics wants.”

The story comes from Orlok Press and is titled Dracula Volume 1: The Impaler and is expected to launch a crowdfund campaign on Kickstarter. It will be a 112-page graphic novel. José Villarrubia is coloring the book.

Batman: Knightfall TP Vol. 02 25th Anniversary Edition Cover Art by Kelley Jones (2018), DC

On X, Jones noted this would be the first of four graphic novels from him and Wagner.

He wrote, “I’m happy to announce this great project with old friend Matt Wagner.’Dracula-Impaler’ The first of four Graphic(boy is it)Novels by us! Happy Halloween!”

Jones also noted that the first novel was already completely finished, “Did I mention the first volumes done?Cause it is!”

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Jones previously discussed the project during an appearance on The Comic Lounge revealing that each of the four graphic novels are “self-contained stories, but it’s the same character as he evolves.”

He added, “And it is pure horror.”

Do you plan on checking out Wagner and Jones’ Dracula Volume 1: The Impaler?

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