Voyage Comics Launches Brave Look At The Consequences Of Abortion With ‘Life Choices: The Gift’

Life Choices: The Gift (2023), Voyage Comics

Voyage Comics made a bold choice in today’s anti-Christian environment of the comic industry by producing an unapologetic pro-life comic in Life Choices: The Gift.

Fresh off of their fantasy hit, Finnian and the Seven Mountains, the publisher is creating a poignant modern story where two teenagers who made the mistake of freely fornicating discover there are consequences to their actions.

Life Choices: The Gift (2023), Voyage Comics

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Casey and Josh are hit with the prospect of Casey getting pregnant, and in these modern days, they have to choose what would be the best course for not only their lives but the innocent unborn life they created in this process.

The book is formatted in a “Choose Your Own Adventure”-style manner, where once faced with the choice, a reader turns to the page to finish reading what happens when Casey either chooses abortion, adoption, or keeping the baby to raise herself.

Life Choices: The Gift (2023), Voyage Comics

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Life Choices: The Gift is designed as an educational resource for teens faced with this situation in their lives, as according to Voyage Comics’ website, more than 700,000 infants are born to teen parents in the United States alone each year.

The book is 40 pages long, with high-quality art and character-focused storytelling to make the read much more impactful than if it were a dry educational pamphlet.

“While we do emphasize the use of this comic in schools and parishes, any family can use it to talk to a teenager about life. You can use it while talking to your own child, grandchild, niece or nephew. The key is to use this resource as a springboard for discussion,” Voyage Comics says in their press release.

Life Choices: The Gift (2023), Voyage Comics

Voyage Comics partnered with LifeCanada to publish this book, ensuring the message is 100% pro-life. They offer deals for schools and parishes who might want to pick up the book in bulk. The comic is $8.99 for a print version or $3.99 for digital regularly.

Life Choices: The Gift was released on November 1 for Respect Life Month and is available here.

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