Dynamite Comics Revives Space Ghost For A Brand-New Serious Run In May

Grandpa Ghostal
Space Ghost's grandpa (Randy Savage) pays a visit to the set on Space Ghost: Coast 2 Coast season 4 episode 18, "Piledriver" (1997), Cartoon Network

Following their surprise adaptations of Thundercats and the news of other licensed Warner Bros. Discovery IPs, Dynamite Comics blasts off for an adventure into deep space starring a character more recognizable for his satirical late-night show – Space Ghost.

Space Ghost 1994
Space Ghost (George Lowe) arrives in the studio on Space Ghost: Coast 2 Coast season 1 episode 1, “Spanish Translation” (1994), Cartoon Network

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From the team of David Prepose (Punisher) and Jonathan Lau (Vampirella Strikes), Dynamite’s new series looks like it’s taking an edgier turn than the Hanna-Barbera cartoon that befits its period, and the studio’s tongue-in-cheek style. 

“Greed and corruption flourish in the darkness between stars,” begins the official solicitation. “With the territories of the Galactic Federation spread far and wide across the vastness of space, pirates and hijackers ransack the distant colonies with cruel disregard for the innocent scientists living within them.”

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“Yet there is a cosmic vigilante who metes out justice throughout the galaxy, bringing vengeance to those who prey upon the defenseless,” it continues. “Some say he is a policeman who has abandoned the strictures of the law.” 

“Others say he is a phantom, the sole survivor of a war-torn planet. And those who have survived his wrath claim he is more a force of nature, able to bend the very elements of Creation to decimate his enemies,” it says, reaching the dramatic crescendo. “They call him the SPACE GHOST – and his adventures begin here!”

Space Ghost 66
Space Ghost and the gang in the intro to the 1966 series, Hanna Barbera

Methinks we have an origin story on our hands! Space Ghost has been given a few updated origins over the years, each with a serious tone, but the character is still hailed widely for caustic-at-times humorous roots.

Those were writer Prepose’s initial education into the character, too, but he wants to reimagine him for the 21st century and show us all why the original guardian of the galaxy is “the greatest superhero in the universe.”

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Dynamite is seemingly starting over as they have done in the past routinely with Flash Gordon, The Shadow, Green Hornet, and lesser-known pulps like The Spider and The Black Bat. However, they aren’t wiping the slate completely clean and have always drawn from the deep well of a given property’s lore. 

Space Ghost should be no different as, based on variant covers and unlettered pages, the icon will fly in his signature craft with kid sidekicks Jan, Jace, and pet monkey Blip in tow. Additionally, Tansut the pirate and his legions will be around to wreak some havoc.

Space Ghost interviews Conan O'Brien while on fire in Space Ghost Coast to Coast Season 6 Episode 7 "Fire Ant" (1999), Cartoon Network
Space Ghost interviews Conan O’Brien while on fire in Space Ghost Coast to Coast Season 6 Episode 7 “Fire Ant” (1999), Cartoon Network

Who else could be far behind – Zorak? Moltar? Brak? Warren the plant? Find out when Space Ghost is back in comics starting May 1st from Dynamite.

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