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September 6, 2021
McG reveals that a very apropros fear of his resulted in his dismissal as director from J.J. Abrams’ long-cancelled Superman Flyby.
July 18, 2019
Olivia Munn who brought to life one of Marvel’s most popular X-Men, Psylocke, in X-Men: Apocalypse shares her frustration working with Bryan Singer.
March 3, 2019
Actor Ian McKellen apologized for his recent comments about the sexual abuse allegations against director Bryan Singer and fellow actor Kevin Spacey.
March 2, 2019
X-Men and Lord of the Rings star Ian McKellen claimed Kevin Spacey and Bryan Singer allegedly abused people because “both of them were in the closet.”
February 11, 2019
After new sexual misconduct allegations surfaced against director Bryan Singer, a new report details that Millennium Films has put the upcoming Red Sonja film on hold.
February 8, 2019
The British Academy of Film and Television (BAFTA) suspended Bryan Singer’s nomination for the Queen biopic Bohemian Rhapsody after new allegations of sexual abuse emerged. 
January 30, 2019
A new report indicates X-Men: Days of Future Past director Bryan Singer will never work for a major Hollywood studio again following new allegations of sexual misconduct.
October 15, 2018
X-Men director Bryan Singer took to Instagram to denounce an upcoming Esquire article which is expected to rehash old accusations of sexual misconduct.
September 17, 2018
Longtime X-Men director and producer Bryan Singer is in talks to direct an upcoming Red Sonja film from Millennium, who will be both financing and producing the project.
Bryan Singer
December 8, 2017
X-Men director Bryan Singer faces a new lawsuit for allegedly raping a 17-year old boy in 2003.