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Duke Vol. 1 Issue # 1 (2023), Image Comics. Words by Joshua Williamson. Art by Tom Reilly and Jordie Bellaire. / Cobra Commander Vol. 1 Issue #1 (2024), Image Comics. Words by Joshua Williamson. Art by Andrea Milana and Annalisa Leoni.
January 26, 2024
Joshua Williamson’s Duke and Cobra Commander were made for grown-up Gen X’ers who were shaped by the G.I. Joe cartoons from the ’80s.
Transformers Issue #1 (2023), Skybound Entertainment. Words by Daniel Warren Johnson. Art by Daniel Warren Johnson and Mike Spicer.
January 25, 2024
Daniel Warren Johnson’s Transformers series is a welcome breath of fresh air that got me hooked in the way only monthly comics can.
Optimus Prime (Peter Cullen) faces Megatron (Frank Welker) in Transformers: The Movie (1986), Marvel Productions
January 11, 2024
Lately, I’ve been attempting to excavate the childhood memories of my favorite fictional franchises and Transformers simply checks every box.
June 14, 2023
The Transformers and G.I. Joe have a new comic book home at Skybound with the launch of a new Energon Universe.
February 22, 2022
DC gives us a Mesozoic and transports the Justice League to prehistoric times in the new limited series, Jurassic League.
February 11, 2017
Legendary horror author R.L. Stine brings his unique brand of fear to Marvel Comics to make his mark on one […]
December 11, 2016
Marvel Comics is bringing legendary author R.L. Stine of Goosebumps and Fear Street fame to helm one of Marvel’s most […]
May 22, 2016
Final issue! Napoleon has totally taken over heaven, and he brought with him all the nasty nightmares from hell, including […]
Space Mullet
September 21, 2015
Space goblins! Telekinetic aliens! Futuristic roller derbies! Space truckers! Daniel Warren Johnson (Ghost Fleet, Alabaster) brings his beloved web comic to print in the graphic novel collection Space-Mullet!: One Gamble at a Time!