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April 29, 2024
Joel Kinnaman had fun making it, but sees why the 2014 RoboCop disappointed fans now that he’s had a decade to think about it.
Joel Kinnaman as Brian Godlock in Silent Night (2023), Lionsgate
December 13, 2023
A brilliant action thriller, John Woo’s Silent Night is one of the better films you can watch this holiday season.
August 9, 2021
The Suicide Squad and Altered Carbon actor Joel Kinnaman recently claimed that he has filed a restraining order against a former romantic partner who has been threatening him and his family.
Joel Kinnaman as Rick Flag in The Suicide Squad
September 19, 2020
Rick Flag actor Joel Kinnaman considers The Suicide Squad a comedy with an R rating and reveals who was most comedic on the set.
August 10, 2020
A new rumor details that Marvel Studios is eyeing a Joel Kinnaman type to play opposite Spider-Man in the third […]
September 13, 2019
James Gunn released a massive cast list for the upcoming Suicide Squad that includes Idris Elba, Margot Robbie, and John Cena.
May 30, 2019
Joel Kinnaman seemingly confirmed his return as Rick Flag for James Gunn’s upcoming Suicide Squad reboot in a recent Instagram post.
Joel Kinnaman
February 2, 2018
Joel Kinnaman teased a new approach for the upcoming Suicide Squad 2 film while promoting his upcoming Netflix series Altered Carbon.
January 21, 2018
Joel Kinnaman and Jai Courtney were photographed working out together with Jay Hernandez hinting that Suicide Squad 2 sequel might see the return of Diablo after the character seemingly died in the first film.
June 5, 2017
Suicide Squad star Joel Kinnaman who took on the role of squad leader Rick Flag unveiled in an interview with […]