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Begun the Clone Wars have in Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones (2002), Lucasfilm
May 20, 2024
Creative Assembly is reportedly working on three new Total War games, including one based on the Star Wars universe.
Scarlett (Hina Suguta) confesses her love for Alain (Kazuki Ura) in Unicorn Overlord (2024), Atlus
March 9, 2024
Criticism towards the English localization of ‘Unicorn Overlord’ has prompted a response from ‘Final Fantasy Tactics’ director Tasumi Matsuno.
Kiyru (Takaya Kuroda) breaks an arm in Yakuza 6: The Song of Life (2017), SEGA
February 5, 2024
‘Yakuza’ series producer Masayoshi Yokoyama has found himself leaning in to the theory that violent video games cause likewise behavior.
Ichiban (Nazuhiro Nakaya) awaits an answer from Saeko (Sumire Uesaka) regarding his marriage proposal in Like A Dragon: Infinite Wealth (2024), RGG Studios
February 2, 2024
‘Yakuza’ series producer Masayoshi Yokoyama disagrees with the localization criticisms leveled against ‘Like A Dragon: Infinite Wealth’.
Protagonist Makoto Yuki (Akira Ishida) channels his Persona in Persona 3 Reload (2024), Atlus USA
June 15, 2023
Atlus producers offer details on Persona 3 Reload and explain why original game was chosen to be remade over other titles in the series.
Sonic, dressed in a captain's uniform, slumped on the ground under a spotlight in The Murder of Sonic the Hedgehog (2023), Sega
May 22, 2023
Sega is considering if they should raise the price of AAA games to $70, but tempering expectations depending on “market conditions.”
Sonic grinds through a cyberspace version of Sky Sanctuary Zone at sunset via Sonic Frontiers (2022), Sega
May 8, 2023
Writer Ian Flynn has confirmed he will return to write the DLC story for Sonic Frontiers, promising it will be “truly important.”
Makoto Yuki, Junpei Iori, Yukari Takeba, and Mitsuru Kirijo launch an All-out Attack via Persona 3 Portable (2023), Sega
April 13, 2023
Leaked footage and an official website seem to suggest that Sega and Atlus are working on a remake of Persona 3.
April 6, 2023
Persona 5: The Phantom X appears to be censored in China, removing some gory and sexual elements of the game’s demons and shadows. 
Sonic grinds on a rail via Sonic Frontiers (2022), Sega
February 27, 2023
Director Morio Kishimoto discusses future titles in the Sonic the Hedgehog series, addresses relying too much on past locations.