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June 17, 2021
Tenoch Huerta, the rumored Namor, is a target of cancel culture? But with him are questions about Hollywood, Disney, and Terrorism.
June 12, 2021
A new rumor suggests that Tenoch Huerta has been cast as the First Mutant for the upcoming Black Panther: Wakanda Forever.
Hillary Clinton and Henry Cavill
February 23, 2021
Today, episode of The Daily Stupid features the Wakanda salute, an attempted cancelling of Henry Cavill, a call for a Harry Potter boycott, and Hillary Clinton writing a mystery novel!
November 12, 2019
For decades, Wakanda has been the pinnacle of human civilization on Earth, but now that Krakoa has come into power, will there be problems to come?
Black Panther - Killmonger Disney & Marvel Studios 2018
February 17, 2018
Erik Killmonger, played by Michael B. Jordan, is one of the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s greatest villains. It’s not just that Jordan’s performance is great, which it is, it’s that Killmonger is actually a well-motivated villain.